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WhatsApp for macOS is a solid, reliable and fast desktop client of popular WhatsApp messenger for Mac platform. The project offers the enormous featured package sufficient for demands of any user category. You may install WhatsApp on MacBooklaptop or Mac computer with any proper hardware configuration. Thus, the product will serve well even on out-of-date devices and macOS versions.

General review of WhatsApp for macOS

WhatsApp can be distinguished by a range of individual options and abilities that make the app especially unique among the rival solutions. Here are a few highlights of the most vital of them:

  • Easy-to-use and reliable text chatting right from the application messaging form. The same as audio and video calls, WhatsApp uses only your cell operator mobile traffic package. So if you still have a few hundred megabytes left this month, it is reasonable to spare it on text messaging.
  • The chance to talk either one-on-one or within a group. In a group conversation of up to 256 people, you may share media clips or photos without any extensive efforts. Moreover, you can customize or mute notifications, name your group, etc.
  • audio and video calls to your friends or coworkers, even if they’re located in another country. As long as this particular function uses your phone’s internet connection (4G/3G/EDGE or WiFi) instead of cell operator plan’s voice minutes, you don’t have to worry about expensive charges or fees for calling.
  • Cross-platform compatibility and syncing between various desktop and mobile devices. Currently WhatsApp is entirely compliant with PC (Windows, macOS - MacBook, Mac), Android, Windows Phone (smartphones and tablets) and iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPods) environments. Thus, due to instant syncing of all your chats and conversations between various platforms, you may easily switch between devices in a blink of an eye. At last, auxiliary remote web-version of the service is available to your service, which grants the immersive possibilities to any device connected to web.
  • Full protection from malware, trojans or keyloggers. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, only you and your partner can access the content shared during the talk, either textual, video or audio-related. In such a way, there is no chance for companies or state authorities to overhear or overlook what you are saying or typing.
  • The chance to embed any types of attachments to your messages: documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, EXE-objects, MSI and APK-setups, archives, and so on. You can send documents up to 100 Mb in size.

WhatsApp affords an enormous range of opportunities that is expected to satisfy all your expectations from the product of the messaging category. After you download WhatsApp for MacBook, you gain a fully operational no-ads app with transparent, clear and logical graphical UI and seamless design that should influence the way you are used to chat and talk on phone. Just make the proper customization of your profile avatar and your name, and we’re ready to go!

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