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Description of Kik

Kik Messenger is a free mobile tool for exchanging instant messages, photos, mobile web-pages, sketches, videos and other content. Kik app is not compliant with desktop operating systems and supports only mobile platforms, Android and iOS. In order to receive and deliver multimedia content, the Kik chat app uses Wi-Fi or smartphone‘s data plan and requires registering for connection. After the authentication is completed, you can use all of the software opportunities. Before you download and install the utility from Internet, get acquainted with common abilities of the tool according to the official specification.

A brief review of the general features of Kik

Let‘s have a look at the options of the Kik application, considering the targeted area and business requirements of the project:

  • Free text chatting between various mobile operating systems.
  • One-on-one or group chat. If you want to initiate a private conversation with a friend of yours on Kik messenger, you can arrange a private chat without a possibility to be overheard or potential leaking of private data.
  • Sharing images, audio and video notes or any other social media content.
  • Grants a solution to be informed whether your new message is currently being sent, delivered or read by the interlocutor.
  • Absence of notifications or ads, which guarantees normal chatting within Kik and navigating within the app in a flawlessly.
  • Offline messages, which you can send even when your collocutor is currently not available within the network. Your message will be read once when the contact appears online.
  • Configurable and personalized notification settings. If you are getting annoyed of constant pop-up notifications within Kik, turn them off or choose to display only the most important ones by applying the corresponding configurations in the setup menu.
  • External API that provides a toolkit to build new solutions for Kik social network, deploy and implement them into the existing infrastructure, or update the installed ones.
  • Up to 9 persons within a chat room, including you. Such a restriction prevents overloading of system resources or network bandwidth with heavy traffic.
  • A unique and exclusive KIK Codes system to connect easily and quickly. After you get and scan a unique code, a new chat is opened, where you can transfer a message that very moment. This technology is absolutely secure and reliable, as it is protected with solid encryption and standards.
  • Interactive assistants to everyday activities — bots. You can get advice, news, fashion tips, do quizzes, or simply chat with them. Bots are designed to make your social life more vivid and satiated. You can even bring a new bot to your group chat and play games with your friends.
  • Stylish, user-friendly and logical graphical interface, easy on the eyes and even easier to use without spare efforts and manipulations.

A few more words should be noted regarding the Kik Messenger anonymity. During the mobile account registration, you are obliged to enter your first and last name, email address, birth date and username. There is no need to specify your phone number, this step is optional. This is the primary difference from other mobile messengers available on the market at the moment.

After you install Kik on your mobile device, you need to register a new account or log in to the existing one if you used the messenger before. After that, you can use all of the app opportunities without any financial obligations.