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Managing your profile in WhatsApp

Data: 26-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk
WhatsApp offers a wide number of advanced functions for customizing and making your profile unforgettable. You can upload your photo, manage your data and add status.

How to edit your profile in WhatsApp?

Managing your name in the app is incredibly easy. Go to the Settings, then tap your photo or your name. You can use up to 25 symbols to edit your name.

However, the name you entered in your WhatsApp profile will only appear in the contact lists of those who haven’t saved your phone number in their phone book.

Another feature that can be managed in the program is the information about you. Go to edit profile section (just tap your name) and choose About info. You can select any option from the predesigned list, including Busy, Available, At work, Battery about to die, In a meeting, Urgent calls only and some others. The option is set to Hello! by default.

How to change your photo in WhatsApp?

Changing your profile photo, also called avatar, is also available in the Settings menu. To update your picture, go to Settings and tap your name. You will see the Edit Profile page where you will be able to add any picture.

You can either take a new photo or choose a picture from your gallery.

If you tap the Take Photo option, WhatsApp will automatically switch on your Front camera so you will be able to make a selfie.

In case you select Choose Photo, you will be able to choose any picture from your gallery. Furthermore, you can move and scale your picture according to your personal preferences. Tap Choose at the bottom-right corner to set up your picture.

You can easily change your main picture anytime. If you decide not to use any picture, Tap Edit and choose Delete Photo option.

How can you change your ID in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp ID is the phone number you’ve used to register in the program. If you want to change your ID, for example, in case you’ve started using another SIM card, you will need to switch your account to another phone number.

How to change your status in WhatsApp?

The status button is the separate icon located at the bottom of the program’s main menu.

If you want to update your personal status, tap on the pencil icon and enjoy creating a bright status using a whopping number of effects and colors.

Feel free to take pictures for setting your status. The camera button is developed exactly for these purposes.

Moreover, you can set up certain privacy options for your status.

All in all, setting up your personal information, using avatar and status is surely easy. You don’t need to use any third-party apps or services to make your profile look bright and stylish.