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Description of Snapchat

Snapchat is the relatively new and extremely popular mobile instant messenger with the strongest accent on the visual side.

It supports text chats and free audio and video calls, but this software is meant for exchanging photos and very short videos first or all – it is the capture app more than the text app.

Snapchat does not save received data (texts, photos and videos) it the memory of the mobile device by default – these 'snaps' can be viewed on the recipient's device for a very short period of time – from 1 to 10 seconds, and then they are deleted permanently. This saves the memory of the smartphone or tablet and protects the safety of communication, as the potentially sensitive materials will not get accessed by anyone. At the same time, this does not allow reviewing contents.

Auto-destruction is set by default, however, in the latest full version of the application you can choose the 'unlimited' time for the contents - this way it is not deleted and can be viewed many times. Also the new version of the service introduced the 'Memories' feature which will allow saving the data and working with past photos and videos.

Snapchat is also the social network where people can find friends and get new photos and videos updates from popular news brands.

The product exists in the form of the mobile app only – it is possible to download and install Snapchat on the Android smartphone/tablet or iPhone/iPad, there is no way to use the service on the desktop PC or laptop.

Main options of Snapchat

Snapchat is the instant messenger app, the social network and the photo editor. Users can communicate is text chats (the messages are deleted automatically) and use smileys and stickers to express more emotions. Real-time free audio and video calls are also provided in this product.

Besides, it offers functionality which can be both useful and also let the users have fun. These features are:

  • The collection of filters, face lenses and some drawing options to add different visual effects to your photos and videos – the latest version allows the wide variety of such artistic means. Snapchat is the photo app first of all, and communication is supposed to start with instant photos or videos, and users can edit their 'snaps' before sending them to someone.
  • Snapchat story is the analogue of the social network feed, a collection of user's photos and videos which are taken and uploaded to make a kind of a narrative. Unlike personal messages, each fragment of such stories is public. Stories are saved for 24 hours. Users can download these photos or videos and save them, but it is impossible to add the fragments of someone else's stories into your personal story – one should create and post own original content. Snapchat was the first to introduce this format, and now 'stories' are available in other social media like Facebook and Instagram (the latter service is also aimed for communication via photos and video materials).
  • Discover – the public stories compiled of photos and videos created by official news and entertainment brands – they also use this popular software as the channel for the promotion of their materials in the Internet. In Discover you can subscribe to such brands as BuzzFeed, National Geographic, People etc., and get regular updates about the recent events in the world.
  • Geo-filters – location-specific photos and videos which can be viewed only if the user visits some page. Users can create them for some personal events like parties or meetings.

Each new version of the program is available for free. It can be called the 'Snapchat update app', as everybody will always be wide awake about what's new happens in the friends' lives and in the world.