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Description of KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is a freeware cross-platform messaging service for mobile and desktop devices with call and chat opportunities. The first released build of the project saw the world n March 2010. The recent market investigation reveals that currently the messenger owns a community base of about 220 million registered and 49 million monthly active users. The application is available in more than 15 various languages. In South Korea KakaoTalk has become number one messaging tool and is used by 93% of smartphone owners overall.

Crucial KakaoTalk app distinctions and tweaks

Here is a list of common applet features and options, that have influenced on raising the popularity of the tool in Asian countries:

  • Free calls and message exchange, available anywhere and anytime
  • KakaoTalk users may share URL links, locations, voice messages, videos and photos as well as specific contact information. Both group and one-on-one chats are accessible over LTE, 3G or WiFi, while the quantity of group chat participants is unrestricted
  • If you are willing to find new friends on messenger, you are given a chance to instantly sync the custom user’s contact list from the smartphone with the contact list on the app via a sole finger tap. Moreover, you may search for mates by KakaoTalk ID without being informed about their real phone numbers
  • The flexible and intuitive way to export user messages and save them into external file
  • KakaoTalk messenger has risen into the solid platform, that affords a method to distribute various third-party apps and content, including a huge diversity of games, which users may download, install and play via Internet with their buddies
  • Using the “Plus-Friend” module, the mobile and desktop KakaoTalk version owners may follow celebrities, media and brands to obtain exclusive coupons, messages and other data through chatrooms in realtime mode
  • At last, the users may acquire real-life items via built-in “Gifting” platform
  • Scheduling and polling for chat-room members. This particular component will serve especially well, if you need to gather marketing data about promotion of specific product or brand, and want to know the preferences of various focus groups in real time. After all, if you are arranging a group within KakaoTalk you may organize a poll to acquire better response about your community requirements
  • Customizable and personalized themes (for iOS and Android builds)
  • Animated emoticons and stickers. None of the modern messengers can get used without emoji, and KakaoTalk has not become an exception. You may choose among hundreds of mimics and face expressions, that can reproduce your current behaviour in fluent and vivid way, without lots of words said
  • integration with KakaoPay - a digital wallet and mobile payment service (currently available for South Korean users only)
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Sharp (#) Search - the extension, which allows to search while chatting. What new meal should you try today? Is the sunny weather expected tomorrow? Make search without interrupting your chat session and share the results. All the content is organized by topic. In addition, the convenient search bar in the bottom makes your searching progress even more joyful and pleasant.

KakaoTalk is an interactive, customizable and amicable software means to enhance your communication, to find new friends and hobbies online. With each consequent update new features are announced and implemented by the developers, so that is really interesting to follow the innovative aspects of the solution and learn the abilities offered. The authors of the program initiative are really keen on the latest trends in the online entertainment area. Thus, you may anticipate for more in the forthcoming releases. KakaoTalk is available to be installed following the link below.