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WhatsApp for PC is the computer version of the messenger. Works on every Windows build starting from 7. Desktop version of the communication tool has some slight differences in comparison with mobile builds of the app which we would like to enlighten in details.

The peculiarities of WhatsApp application for Windows

Each version of the software product varies from its analogues for another operating systems and environments. Considering the difficulties of porting the product to Android, Windows Phone or MacOS routine, each of the product OS builds has some minor differences. This rule didn’t avoid WhatsApp messenger as well. Here’s a brief review of Windows client peculiarities in relation to other mobile or desktop messenger builds:

  • Installation issues. While you are making an attempt to download WhatsApp for PC and install computer client on your computer afterwards, the application requests you to scan QR code from the web app or mobile app version. When the code is scanned correctly, the installation wizard for PC version of the app is continuing the setting up procedure;
  • Larger size. In comparison with Android app branch, the desktop client of the product is much heavier and weighs nearly 150 MB. Indeed, in Windows the size of apps doesn’t influence so much on overall performance and speed of gadget processing as on mobile. For owners of WhatsApp laptop build, this aspect can matter not so much as for Android users. Nevertheless, take this fact into consideration while trying to install the computer version of the app on PC;
  • Disability to use video and audio calls between desktop and laptop PC application users. When you are trying to connect from notebook to another laptop owner, the connection will grab your camera and microphone settings and offers you a chance to arrange an audio or video connection with your contact. However, if the desktop PC you are trying to call with is not equipped with external camera, the video or audio connection won’t be possible.

As for the rest, desktop messenger version doesn’t vary from its competitive mobile branch anyhow. You may use emojis, exchange multimedia, photos and contacts, make group calls and do all the other amazing things which this amazing tool can be proud of. The developers have definitely made their best while thinking over the overall concept of the software product and optimizing their workflow for the sake of quality and high speed of the utility operations.

System requirements of WhatsApp

The app perfectly operates on any CPU architecture:

  • AMD
  • Intel.

Furthermore, it sustains all appropriate functions even on an outdated PC hardware. The only condition is an operating system: the messenger may encounter some problems related to installation and practical usage on the following OS versions:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • earlier builds.

Windows 10 users may use Microsoft Store market to get the latest build of the tool officially for free. After you download WhatsApp for Windows, you can discover all the advantages of the app at once.

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