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Description of Telegram

Telegram Messenger is a modern, flawless and secure application for handling communication through the web without excessive efforts. The project was initiated in 2013, when the major market players (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp) have already cut their pieces of pie. However, due to a range of notable advantages over competitive products, Telegram easily got involved in the battle.Telegram for any of the desktop and mobile OS types is available to download for free.

Review of the most notable options of Telegram app

The messenger provides a solid package of functions sufficient for any user categories. Here is their brief review:

  • Secure, private type of chat storage. All the Telegram messages can self-destruct and are heavily encrypted.
  • Cloud-based maintenance of app control. Due to such approach, you can access latest versions of your messages from multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Incredibly fast operations. The program delivers messages faster than any other software tool.
  • Distributed storage of data on remote servers. All the Telegram servers are distributed by continents for maximum security and speed.
  • This app is based on open API and uses free-for-everyone protocols.
  • Free distribution of client without additional fees, subscriptions or ads.
  • Absolute protection of your calls and chats from hacker attacks.
  • Incredibly powerful features. You can send messages and arrange calls unlimited by size and duration respectively.
  • Last versions of this social app allow you to coordinate groups with up to 100000 members.
  • Developers are provided a way to build their own new tools based on open API.
  • The project is constantly updated, so you can expect new versions of the utility several times a month or even sooner.
  • The messenger contains unique, robust techniques for social networking. In addition to artless exchange of messages in dialogues and groups, you can handle public channels (microblogs), create and use bots, etc.
  • Anonymity. Telegram doesn’t provide the info about the author of the channel and any of its subscribers. The only exception is the admin of the channel — he can obtain a general info about his community, and that is all.
  • Absence of feedback in Telegram channels. The channel subscribers are not permitted to give likes and share comments. The only way to communicate with an author is via private message if the admin shared a link on his personal profile in the channel description. Moreover, the admin can add a poll, voting or give permission to post comments only to one of their posts on the channel via @vote, @like or @CommentsBot bots respectively.
  • The animated images common for other messaging solutions, such as emoji, stickers and GIF-animations, are also available.

Among its rivals, Telegram differs due to its absolute security, big spectrum of social abilities, and the developers can build their own tools via open API there, too. The ordinary users also gain their profits: the package is absolutely ads-free, doesn’t involve micropayments and affords unique methods of voice or text communication.

It’s really easy to get, install and set up Telegram on your PC or smartphone. All you have to do is provide your phone number and account name — the latter can be fictitious or valid, it doesn't matter. When the phone number is entered, it should be verified by SMS and here we go — you are ready to chat and talk. The detailed guide on how to create a Telegram account is described in the FAQ.