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How to chat in WhatsApp

Data: 18-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

WhatsApp is perfect for finding new friends and continuing the relationships with the existing ones. Due to the integration of the service with the phone book of your mobile device, after downloading, setting up and customizing the product, you will see every contact that has WhatsApp on their phone/tablet. You don’t even have to do something: all the contacts are being synced during the installation.

How to start a new chat in WhatsApp

WhatsApp chat can be opened by one tap. Here is the way how to create a new conversation with the needed person:

  • open WhatsApp on your mobile gadget
  • tap the Message icon at the bottom right corner

  • select the contact you want to chat with

  • when the chatting window is displayed, type a message in the field below. Keep in mind that you can also use emojis, send media, any types of documents, GPS map locations, contacts data, etc.

Quick reply to the message received in WhatsApp

When we send a message, usually we want an instant reply to it. Sure, you can follow the header of the chat box, check when the person was online or look at the checkmarks next to the message. These methods are useful if you want to get the info whether your message has been successfully received and read. When you get a message from someone, you can use a quick reply feature by doing the following:

  • Make a long tap on the received message you want to reply to. As a result, a list of responding options will appear.

  • Press the Reply button from the list, and the last message will be quoted to which you can add your own phrase or sentence.

  • Type a reply message and click the Send button with a paper plane displayed on it.

This option is quite clear: you don’t need to do anything special. If you are done with that, we would like to share another handy function as an alternate way to make a quick reply:

  • in the chatting window, find the latest received message and swipe it to the right;
  • the quick reply will quote the received message in the same way it did in the first part of this FAQ section, and you can respond to the person you are talking to.

The Quick Reply feature is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. It has a bit different look on iOS, though.

Chat history in WhatsApp

The service includes a whole lot of options that help you manage your chat history: backing up, restore, export, archiving and clearing. If you wish to get detailed info about backing up chat history into Google Drive cloud service or locally, refer to the specified FAQ section. In this article, we will describe how to export chat history into an external .txt file and share it via messenger or email; archive all chats; clear them or delete.

Exporting a chat into an external file, saving it on cloud service or sharing via messenger

In order to export the selected chat into an external .txt file, share it or save on cloud:

  • run the messenger on your mobile device
  • navigate to Menu – Settings – Chats – Chat history – Export chat

  • now you need to choose the chat you want to be exported

  • when the chat is selected, the list of apps installed on your smartphone or tablet will be displayed. Choose any of the tools from the list to use it for export. if you want to save the chat on a cloud service (e.g. Google Drive), save it on the one you have

  • now follow the instructions on the screen: they are unique for each of the products suggested.

Archiving all chats on WhatsApp

You can also archive all your chats. Thus, the chats history is not displayed on the Chats tab, but can be unarchived any moment and brought back to be displayed on the screen. Here is how to do that:

  • go to Menu – Settings – Chats – Chat history – Archive all chats. The screenshots are absolutely the same, just like in previous description

  • now the confirmation box appears, where you should confirm your decision regarding archiving

  • at last, all the chats are archived. To roll back to the previous state, click Unarchive all chats from the menu list.

Clearing all chats

  • Once again navigate to Menu – Settings – Chats – Chat history – Clear all chats.

  • when the menu item is selected, the confirmation box appears. Here you can choose whether you need to clear all messages without exception or leave untouched the ticked once. As an auxiliary option, you can set the Delete media from my phone checkbox.

  • if the action is approved, all the messages are cleared.

Deleting all chats on WhatsApp

In order to delete all chats permanently:

  • tap Menu – Settings – Chats – Chat history – Delete all chats.

  • on the confirmation box, click Delete button. If you don’t want to remove media files from the phone memory, remove the Delete from my phone checkbox

  • now all the chats are permanently deleted from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp messages can be also backed up locally or have a Google Drive copy and be restored afterwards. The back up routine can be performed either during installation or while using WhatsApp.