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How to scan the WhatsApp QR code

Data: 12-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

QR code is another handy feature that makes the interaction between your smartphone/tablet/etc. and the object the barcode is attached to easy and automatic. In fact, QRcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains a specific data (link, ads, authentication info, etc.). Our brisk messenger has not left this unique technology aside, since it allows to scan the QR code without closing the app.

The only purpose of the QR scanner in the app is to allow people to use the messenger from a browser or the PC version of the tool. Before the user runs the utility from a web browser or PC, he needs to scan the code via embedded WhatsApp QR scanner, and once all the chats and conversations are synced, they will be accessible on the screen of computer. The WhatsApp code scanning procedure is already described in “How to use WhatsApp on PC (Windows)” FAQ section. Now, we will briefly describe the scanner.

When the PC version is installed, the first and most important thing you should do is to perform the scanning directly from the software tool in order to continue the installation.

  • When the installation starts running on the PC, in half a minute you will see an explanatory box.

  • Let’s follow the instruction: take your mobile device and tap the Menu button from the Chats tab. After that, select WhatsApp Web item from the pop-up menu list.

  • In a moment the integrated barcode scanner will start running. Now, take your mobile gadget and point it to the PC screen, i.e. exactly to the QR code box. When you scan the QR in WhatsApp, the installation procedure will be completed afterwards.

If you need to scan a non-WhatsApp QR code, you can find dozens of other QR scanners, but you can't use them on this messenger.