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How to activate WhatsApp

Data: 06-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

As usually, the initial phase of setting up any mobile product is to download it via the specified link. In our case, we download the service from the current webpage and run the installation routine.

When the installation is over, open the app, confirm and agree with the license and set the appropriate permissions. You can get a detailed info regarding these steps from the “How to download WhatsApp” article.

After the license is approved and the permissions are given, WhatsApp verification procedure is initiated:

  • On the first screen, you are offered to select your country code and type your phone number in the blank spaces. Select the country of residence from the drop-down list and enter the mobile number which you would like to connect your WhatsApp with. You should also make sure that your phone number is valid, as during the installation, the account is syncing with the address book of your smartphone/tablet, and typos are not allowed. When the requested info is provided, click Next.

  • The next step serves only for confirmation purposes. Check once more whether all the specified data is correct and tap OK. If you made a mistake, select Edit: you will automatically return to the previous form where you can correct the data.

  • The last step of the verification procedure is expecting the SMS with the activation code to be delivered to your mobile gadget. If the phone number you entered is correct, and there are no delays, the SMS will be received in a couple of seconds. At that very moment the incoming activation code will be automatically inserted into the needed blank spaces so you don’t need to fill in the data yourself. When the code is checked, you will be redirected to the last window of the activation.

WhatsApp's activation on iPhone

The SMS activation of the messenger on iPhone is quite similar to the Android one. The only difference is the interface of the mobile app: you can see a familiar GUI-scheme on Android, while on iOS and Windows Phone you are dealing with their own interfaces.

When you’re done with the license confirmation and the setting of permissions, verify your number:

  • The first step is to choose your country of residence from the list and type in the phone number you want your WhatsApp utility to connect with. Considering the specifics and the options of the product, you should enter the number of your active iPhone SIM card.

  • On the approval step, check whether all the info you provided is correct. If you made any mistake while typing the mobile number, tap the Edit button. If not, tap Yes and switch to the last step of the validation.

  • Now you will receive your WhatsApp activation code via SMS. When you receive it, type it into the blank spaces in the upper part of the window. Usually it takes couple of seconds to receive the message, but take into the account the possible delay.

Activating WhatsApp on PC

As a matter of fact, you cannot install WhatsApp on PC without setting it up on your mobile device (iOS or Android) first. You cannot complete SMS verification on your PC version of the app. PC doesn’t have such an option. Instead, you should complete the activation on the mobile version of the app and then simply scan QR code from the phone/tablet in order to link your PC to the mobile account. As a conclusion, WhatsApp works like a charm.