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Description of Skype

Skype is a long-liver among other messengers currently accessible on the market. Started up in 2003, the project has changed the owner several times. In 2011, Microsoft has finally gained the property rights on the source code and further modification and distribution of the software. Since that time, Skype has grown both in featured and visual aspects.

At the moment, the official Skype web-portal suggests these versions for downloading:

  • Windows 10 special package and discrete build for earlier platform generations
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Xbox One
  • Alexa.

Xbox One and Alexa are quite exotic for medium-experienced user, although both of these platforms collaborate with Microsoft's products directly: Amazon Alexa is integrated with Cortana voice assistant, and Xbox One console is designed, distributed and maintained by Microsoft enterprise and its partners. It should also be mentioned that the tool is perfectly integrated with a few series of smartwatches.

You may download and install the app package right from the webpage dedicated to the relevant operating system: just navigate to the corresponding link, get the free version of the client, register a new account or use the existing one, sign in, and you can call and chat right away without any restrictions. The only condition is that you are ought to send a request to your teammate or friend so that they add you to the list of their contacts. Only after they accept your request, you can start chatting with the contact.

Video calling is another distinctive advantage of the package. After you complete setup, customization of the program and logging in, you can handle video conferences with several dozens of participants simultaneously via Internet. The only condition is a bandwidth of your online connection. If it doesn't let you talk to and see multiple users at the same time via video call, it means you will have to deal with serious lags and delays. In the latest versions of the service, this problem has been partially resolved. But you still need to take into account the load and upload speed of your connection, though.

Skype Technologies SARL, the shareholder and copyright owner of the project, has decided not to implement the trial version of their software. Instead, the ads-free full version of the utility is accessible for the users to download: just get the offline installer or, in other words, launcher of the tool, and feel confident about the fact that the new Skype app will perfectly fit your personal requirements.

With the release of recent Skype versions, the management of instant statuses has been totally redesigned and enhanced. Thus, you can easily share an important message with your relatives or friends without leaving the Skype primary window. As in all other mobile or desktop messengers, you can share any media files during chatting: photos, audios, videos, GPS locations, contact info, etc.

The developers have thought over the idea of facilitation and improvement of former interface and usability. Hereby, current version of the app is very interactive and user-friendly for rookies. After you install free edition of Skype package, you get access to fully packed variety of communication possibilities that are revealed without any microtransactions or in-app payments. The only paid module within the app is Skype to Phone service, which suggests making calls to landline phones; you are not obliged to use it anyhow. All the rest of the Skype functions are totally free to use.