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How to use WhatsApp on Mac

Data: 03-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Mac offers incredible, hassle-free experience for those who appreciate easiness, convenience and smoothness in all operations you perform on desktop computer or laptop. Exchanging messages and media via WhatsApp is not an exception. After you run the tool on Mac or MacBook, you feel a lot of positive emotions while using the messaging service on your device, regardless whether it is stationary or portable. In this article, we are going to describe how to use WhatsApp on your Mac or MacBook without spare actions and mouse clicks. You can refer to this user help guide if you need to get a general opinion about the app abilities or opportunities.

How to install and set up WhatsApp messenger on Mac?

The first two things you are ought to consider before using the app on daily basis are downloading and installation. Refer to “How to download WhatsApp” FAQ guide to get a detailed info regarding that issue.

After the package is downloaded and installed, it’s time for the setup routine:

  • open the WhatsApp utility.

The first form that you see suggests you syncing your desktop messenger with mobile device where the service is already installed. Indeed, you cannot use the tool on Mac or MacBook without formerly installing it on Android, iOS or Windows Phone/Windows Mobile smartphone or tablet. The Mac version of the application operates only with the mobile app, so it would be better to set up the program on your phone first.

  • following the instructions on the screen, run WhatsApp on your mobile device. When the app starts running, tap Menu or Settings button, then navigate to WhatsApp Web.

  • After the needed menu item is selected, point your cell phone or tablet to the screen and scan the QR code from the area displayed on your Mac screen. You may find additional info about scanning the QR-code procedure in “How to scan the WhatsApp QR code” section of this FAQ reference.
  • If you see explanatory message regarding the scanning routine on your mobile phone screen, accept it and proceed with the algorithm.

  • Now it’s time to sync the messenger on Mac with your smartphone or tablet version and connect your mobile gadget to your Mac app instance. When you see the new generated QR code on the Mac screen, take your mobile device with the scanner running and perform the scanning process.

  • After the QR code is scanned, you will immediately log in to the app and access the primary app form.

How to send messages on Mac in WhatsApp?

You can send instant messages right from your Mac device without switching to PC or mobile phone. Here is what you are suggested to do in order to initiate a chat:

  • Click on the New chat button in the upper section of the main form.

  • Select the corresponding person from the contact list you would like to chat with.

  • When the contact is picked, start a conversation by typing a message in the chatting form, share a picture or post an emoji to make your interaction more vivid, satiated and enriched.

How to make a group chat in WhatsApp on Mac?

If you want to discuss some issue or idea with several people, it is reasonable to initiate a group chat in the messenger. Here is how you can do it:

  • Tap the New chat icon in the upper-left section of the screen.

  • When the list of accessible contacts appears, click the New group button to generate and set up a group and pick its members for further talk.

  • On the next form, select the group participants from the list.

  • On the last stage, specify the group title and load the relevant image, which would correspond to the chat context and overall topic. The latter is optional.

  • At last, the group chat is initiated. All the group members will receive an invitation to participate and join the conversation. You can see the confirmation of this step on the primary chatting window. From now on you can start typing the text.

Note: in mobile WhatsApp versions you can start a voice call either 3-way or one-on-one. On macOS, you cannot do this. On Mac you can send only text messages with media attachments.

How to share an attachment to your message in WhatsApp on Mac?

In WhatsApp for Mac you can embed various interactive media-content to your chat posts: photo or video, camera shots, documents in any format (PDF, APK, MSI, EXE, DOCX, etc.) or contact info. All of these options are available via single click on the paperclip icon in the top section of the chat window.

Just select the type of attachment you want to apply, and that’s all you need.

How to delete previously sent message in WhatsApp on macOS?

If you sent a message to someone by accident, or sent something you weren’t supposed to, you can delete any of the messages any moment you would like. How to bring this idea into reality:

  • Find the message you would like to delete and click on the arrow down indicator next to it.

  • From the list of options revealed, choose the Delete message action.

  • Now you may specify whether you want to delete the message only for yourself or for all the chat participants. If you choose the latter option, your collocutor won’t see the message anymore even if he has already read it.

  • After the confirmation you will see a note with a claim, that the specified message has been deleted.

Note: if you want to know whether your message has been read or not, you should pay a bit of attention to check marks with statuses. In order to obtain detailed info, refer to “What do WhatsApp check marks mean?” FAQ guide.

Hopefully, from now it’s entirely clear how to read WhatsApp messages on Mac or MacBook. Once again, some abilities in comparison with mobile messenger version are not accessible, such as making voice calls and specifying or sharing personal custom statuses. We have described the most important ones available in the corresponding guide sections.