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Description of Viber

Viber is a VoIP (voice over IP) and instant messaging service for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android platforms. The application allows performing voice calls through Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile connection of your cell operator. Voice calls between Viber users are absolutely free, you pay only for your 4G/3G/EDGE mobile traffic. When Viber is downloaded from the official site, you need to validate your phone number via SMS — this procedure is very simple. The way it works is similar to Telegram validation.

Viber's features and options

Let’s figure out the vital options and abilities of the app:

  • High-quality free audio and video calls between people (who downloaded and installed the utility) with a sufficient degree of security and protection. If you want to call a friend who doesn’t have Viber installed on their smartphone, tablet or PC, you can use Viber Out option to call landline or cell phones for additional payment.
  • Easy-to-use and hassle-free text chats between client users of any supported platform.
  • The best way to exchange videos, photos and texts.
  • Recording of quick-sending videos and voice notes directly from Viber messenger.
  • Chat extensions that allow to integrate various software services into the program, such as YouTube, GIPHY, Vlipsy, Gfycat, TuneMoji, Guggy, Tenor and others. You can find and share videos, audios, GIF-animations, play built-in games, make predictions on sport events, book a room in a hotel and make other actions via any of these modules.
  • Enormously rich variety of interactive stickers and emojis to share with your friends. Some of the packages are free, while others should be paid for. You can preview the sets before making a purchase or wait until the holiday sale to acquire the sticker set with a discount coupon.
  • A possibility to delete the messages before or even after they were seen by the person you are communicating with.
  • A challenge to build, develop and take part in social communities with unlimited quantity of members. As groups in Telegram, you can find the like-minded associates in any area of social life, like music, sport, consoles, science, etc.
  • Multi-platform compatibility of Viber that allows syncing all of the messages with the server and instantly switch from tablet to PC or vice versa.
  • High-quality localization of the product. As many other contemporary social networking and messaging tools do, the language, which is set up as primary in the general phone settings, is applied to Viber as well, so you don’t have to strictly define the language.
  • Transparent, intuitive and in-time notifications. The visual view, appearance, sounds, screen light and vibration can be precisely customized in the settings.
  • Embedded QR-code scanner that lets you quickly get the auxiliary info regarding everything.
  • Frequent updates of latest client versions which can be set up automatically or by request. All the new upgrades which you can get and load from the server are absolutely free. The same concerns the main project itself. Hereby, you don’t need to spare a penny to entirely use all features of the app or most of its modules (the only exception is the stickers).

Viber is definitely a suitable app for those who often travel abroad, where your local operator is working in roaming, and who don’t want to spare money on calls and chatting. If you don’t have laptop at hand, just have Viber installed on smartphone and enjoy the free communication with your family and friends from any part of the world, forever.