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Group chat and calls in WhatsApp

Data: 12-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messenger apps worldwide. The program offers a large number of basic functions, including audio and video calls, chatting, sending pictures and files as well as using emojis and smiles. Furthermore, the app also attracts millions of users with its advanced functionality. In this article, you will find detailed information on how to create a WhatsApp group, arrange calls with up to 4 participants and set up broadcast lists.

How to create broadcast list in WhatsApp?

The broadcast feature is developed to allow sending messages to several contacts at once. In other words, these are saved lists of message recipients that you can send broadcast messages to with no need to select them each time. The broadcast message is sent to different recipients simultaneously.

To arrange a new broadcast list, go to Chats – Broadcast Lists.

After choosing the Broadcast Lists option, you will see a special notification that only contacts with your current phone number in their phone book will be able to receive your messages. Choose New List to continue.

After that, you will need to tick contacts you would like to add to your broadcast list. You can choose up to 256 contacts for a single list. However, the number of broadcast lists is not limited.

Tap Create button located in the right corner of your screen to create a list.

After that, you will be able to edit the name of your new list.

That’s all! Your broadcast list is ready! If you would like to make some edits, feel free to choose Edit list button.

To start sending messages, go to Chats – Broadcast Lists and tap the title of the required list. Feel free to chat, send files and photos as well as use various smiles and GIFs for making your communication even brighter.

How to make a WhatsApp 3-way call?

WhatsApp allows making group calls that can include up to 4 participants. Arranging this kind of call is extremely easy: you can start talking with several friends or family members in just a few moments. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy your communication.

Go to your home screen and choose Calls button.

After that, you will a list of your contacts. Choose the first member of your group call.

Note: you can choose either the Headset icon to perform an audio call or a Video cam icon to make a video call.

After you’ve successfully chosen the first participant, the call will be initiated.

After that, you can start adding new participants by tapping a special button located in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Feel free to add new members to have a group call. Just tap the needed contacts from your contact list.

When you choose a certain contact, you will need to confirm you really want to add this participant by pressing Add button.

The group conversation is now successfully arranged.

How to create a group chat in WhatsApp?

The popular messenger also allows creating group chats for making your communication more convenient. To create a new group for chatting, go to Chats – Start messaging located in the center of your screen.

Tap New Group to add contacts to your chat. Choose the required contacts from your contact book and press Next.

After that, you can name your group and choose Create button.

Now you can start communicating with a group of friends or family members as well as share documents, contacts, locations, photos and videos with the members of your group.

As far as you can see, creating lists, groups, and 3-way calls in WhatsApp is incredibly easy. You don’t need any extra tools or software for these purposes. The program itself has everything needed right at your fingertips!