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Two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone

Data: 12-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

WhatsApp is the leading messenger for Android smartphones. The tool offers a wide range of advanced features for its users, including chatting, texting, sending files and introducing diversity to your communication with hundreds of GIFs and smiles. The only useful feature that is currently not supported by the official client is using 2 WhatsApp accounts on one phone.

However, there are several effective solutions to that issue. In this article, you will find several handy methods on how to add 2 WhatsApp accounts on Android with no efforts. Although most of these methods are provided by third-party programs and developers, they are completely safe and can’t make any harm to your smartphone.

How to get 2 WhatsApp accounts on your Android?

Using 2 WhatsApp in 1 mobile is really easy. All the methods for installing 2 WhatsApp accounts that are described below don’t require any programming knowledge and can be performed by beginner users with minimum efforts.

Using different WhatsApp user profiles on Android

With this method, you will need to set up multiple user profiles in your smartphone. This simple trick will allow you to have 2 WhatsApp application instances with 2 discrete phone numbers on a single device. Note: early Android models (4.4. KitKat and earlier) might not support the feature.

  1. Go to Settings – Users and tap Add User. Add the details of your new guest user.

  2. Switch your smartphone to the new user. You will see that your mobile is now having default settings.
  3. Install the messenger to your device.
  4. After successful installation, enter your second phone number and activate your account.

Now you’ve added 2 WhatsApp accounts while having 2 numbers in 1 phone available in different user profiles. These accounts will run independently and will not be able to affect each other.

Using SwitchMe Multiple Accounts

SwitchMe is a handy app that allows creating several instances of the same program. Therefore, with SwitchMe you will be able to download and activate 2 WhatsApp accounts on your mobile.

Note: This method requires a rooted Android device.

  1. Make sure you’ve already installed the messenger beforehand.
  2. Install SwitchMe on your smartphone.
  3. Create a new profile that will be an admin account using the application.

  4. Create one more profile using a different name. Tap Create Profile for this purposes.
  5. Wait for your smartphone to restart and install your messenger using another number.

SwitchMe allows running two accounts on one device for free. If you need to have three or more accounts with multiple numbers, you can easily purchase its premium version.

Using OGWhatsApp

This method is considered to be the best option for dual-sim smartphones. Furthermore, it doesn’t require rooting.

  1. Back up your messenger’s data.
  2. Delete the app data from your mobile. Go to Settings – Apps – WhatsApp – Clear Data
  3. Rename your route from /sdcard/WhatsApp to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp.
  4. Delete the messenger from your smartphone and install OGWhatsApp.
  5. Verify your original number in OGWhatsApp.
  6. Reinstall the original messenger and activate it with an alternative number.

Using App Twin or Clone App

Many users might be still wondering on how to activate 2 WhatsApp on Android using inbuilt features of your mobile. This method is also a great solution for those having dual-sim smartphones with an App Twin option available.

  1. Go to Settings and look for App Twin option. In some phone models, it might be called a Dual App or Clone App. Tap the app.

  2. Choose WhatsApp in the list of supported features.
  3. Tap Agree and Continue and provide an alternative phone number to activate another account in the app.

All the methods described above are absolutely reliable and safe. Find out more information on how to set up 2 WhatsApp numbers on iPhone.