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How to update WhatsApp

Data: 14-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

With the release of new OS versions, the fix of the known bugs of the existing software and the enhancement of new functions, the need appears to upgrade the current software to the latest builds, as packages can include new out-of-the-box features and can be more stable than the previous ones. We should also note that after an upgrade of a major application, it can make some impact (a bad one or, on the contrary, a good one) on the overall performance of the OS. For instance, after you install an upcoming update of Facebook on your Android phone, all the apps integrated with this social networking service can also operate differently (slower or faster), so take that into consideration while installing a manual or an automatic update of YouTube or Viber. In this article, we are going to describe in details how to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp messenger on Android and iOS platforms, either automatically or manually.

How to update WhatsApp on iPhone

On iOS, or Android mobile platforms, you can install updates to all or any of your programs, either in automatic or manual mode. We would like to notify you right in the beginning that downloading updates automatically can influence the featured set of the app picked to be updated. Sometimes, after the installation of recent upgrade, the program can be unstable, especially if the developers didn’t care about testing the tool in real-time conditions. Hereby, the latest is not always the best.

By default, all updates for mobile applications are installed automatically, without any efforts from your side. If you wish to turn on the manual update mechanism, read the next section of the article.

How to activate the manual update mode of the apps on iOS

You can always turn off the automatic updates by turning on the manual update mode. In order to do this:

  • Go to Settings – iTunes & App Store.

  • Now the settings of your Apple ID account are revealed. Here you should deactivate the Updates menu item, which is responsible for downloading the latest upgrades of the apps currently being installed.

How to update WhatsApp on iPhone manually

If you wish to update WhatsApp messenger in manual mode, you should first check whether any updates for WhatsApp are available in the App Store at the moment:

  • open the App Store market on your iPhone device

  • Navigate to Search section by tapping on the magnifier tool at the bottom-right corner.

  • In the Search text field, type the name of the mobile app you want to find. In our case, it is WhatsApp.

  • When the app is found, tap on the corresponding selection item from the list.

  • When the needed app page is opened, have a look at the button on the right of the service name. If Update button is displayed, then update the messenger. Click the Update button in order to start the upgrading.

  • Once the update routine is completed, you can see the Open button on the same position. This is the direct confirmation that the program has been upgraded to the recent version (and the instruction “How to update WhatsApp on iOS” was not an unnecessary one).

How to update WhatsApp on Android

Android mobile OS contains comfortable, reliable and fit mechanism to install updates for all your applications at once in total or one by one. You can also decide whether you want the updates to be downloaded and installed automatically or manually, step-by-step. In this instruction, we will describe both of the methods in relation to WhatsApp messaging service.

How to set up the automatic update of all applications on Android

The auto-update mechanism handles the tools as if you really don’t have to do anything special, just watch the updating procedure and check the installed build. Here is how you can set up the auto-update of all apps on Android OS:

  • Open Play Market on the cell phone.

  • Tap on Menu button and then select Settings menu item.

  • in the Auto-update apps field, make a choice among the suggested selections. If you wish to use Wi-Fi network to be used for downloading new versions of the programs, select Over Wi-Fi only (suggested by default). If your cell operator package affords the extensive traffic, you can choose the Over any network item. If you don’t want your upgrades to be installed automatically, pick the Don’t auto-update apps option.

How to set up automatic update for individual apps (WhatsApp only)

You can select the applications the latest versions of which you want to be installed:

  • run Play Market module
  • tap on Menu – My apps & games

  • choose the appropriate app from the list (it can be any tool at all, but we choose WhatsApp utility in our case)

  • click on the More button with three vertical dots

  • tap Enable auto-update option. As a result, this specific program will be updated automatically.

Update all or individual apps (just WhatsApp) manually on Android

If you don’t prefer auto-updates of the mobile applications, you can install the latest versions of the tools in manual mode. Here is the brief instruction about how to do it:

  • Open the Google Play store.
  • Choose Menu – My apps & games option.
  • The programs with updates available are marked with the Update label.
  • click Update All menu item to install available updates for all tools. In order to set up an upgrade for individual application, look for the specific app you need to upgrade (considering our current requirements, that will be WhatsApp) and tap the Update item next to it.

The instruction was thoroughly checked, so you can be assured that it is valid for any contemporary Android versions starting from 4.0+. May your updates be in-time and effective!

How to update WhatsApp