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Blocking and unblocking contacts on WhatsApp

Data: 06-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

It can happen that some person on WhatsApp often sends you lots of ads or irritating messages. The logical way to get rid of such content is to block a number. After blocking a contact, you won’t receive any messages or incoming calls from him. Also, you won’t be able to read status updates from that person. In addition, your current status, online updates and any modifications of your profile photo will no longer be visible to the blocked person. Nevertheless, blocking someone on WhatsApp doesn’t remove the phone number from your phone book. Also, it doesn’t remove your number from that contact’s phone. In order to remove the number from your phone’s memory, you need to go to the phone book, find the needed contact and delete it manually.

How to block contact on WhatsApp?

In this article, we will describe how to block someone on WhatsApp in details. In order to block a person:

  • run the software on your mobile device;
  • in the active app, tap Menu – Settings – Account – Privacy – Blocked contacts from the pop-up menu list;

  • click Add button at the upper-right corner of the screen

  • search for the contact you want to cease conversation with and pick the user from the list.

Here is an alternative way to block a number in WhatsApp tool:

  • open a chat in the messaging service
  • click Menu – More – Block

  • the confirmation box appears where you need to approve the desired action by selecting the Block item from the list.

Another supplementary algorithm:

  • open the chat in the messaging service
  • tap the name of the person in the header of the visual form

  • select Block menu item from the list of options

  • confirm the action on the pop-up box.

How to unblock a person on WhatsApp?

Now a few words about the opposite action, i.e. how to unblock contact in the utility:

  • run WhatsApp messaging service on your mobile gadget
  • tap Menu – Settings – Account – Privacy – Blocked contacts

  • click on the person you want to unblock

  • approve the action by tapping the Unblock (someone) item on the confirmation box.

Alternate method of unblocking contacts in the utility:

  • search for the person you blocked in the messenger chatting window
  • tap on the needed contact

  • approve the action by clicking the Unblock button.

As you may have noticed, the tool affords several ways of blocking contacts. Select the most suitable one if your conversation with someone has reached its peak, and you don’t want to continue it anymore.