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Description of WeChat

WeChat Messenger is a communication platform that combines the functionality of an instant messenger, a social network, a payment system, and add-ons. WeChat is a Chinese product which was developed because of the needs of the huge audience in China to have their own app for communication in the Internet.

There are mobile apps for each platform (Android and iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone), the desktop clients for Windows and MacOS, and the online version available in the browser. However, the primary form is the mobile app – one will need to download the messenger on the smartphone and register an account to the mobile phone number. Then it will be possible to add secondary devices (verification of the secondary device can be performed with the mobile app on Android devices, iPhones or Windows Phones).

Functionality of the WeChat messenger

The size of the installer of this messenger is rather large, and it can take more time to download and install this application, besides, you need to have a powerful device with a good Internet connection. Then WeChat client can replace many other products and services for even non-Chinese users:

  • Text messaging. The users can communicate via this messenger personally and in groups, use smileys and stickers (a large online gallery of stickers is available). There is an option of translation of text messages in chats (20 languages are supported).
  • File transfer in the chat. You can send images and videos, and there are sets of filters and picture captions which can be applied to the visual data before sending it. Also it is possible to share contacts and locations and record and send voice messages.
  • Audio and video calls. Free real-time communication with voice and video support is available in the WeChat messenger face-to-face and in conference.
  • WeChat Out is a service of calling from the application the landline and mobile phone numbers (the payment fees are lower than those offered by the mobile providers). Now this service covers the Asian region (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, India and Laos), the USA and only one European country — Italy.
  • Official accounts in WeChat are similar to the accounts in other social networks. Users can subscribe to get regular news and updates, and the owners of these accounts can communicate with the subscribers directly and offer their services to them.
  • Moments. It is a social network created for the WeChat messenger users where they can share texts, images, music, videos, leave comments and likes.
  • Time Capsule. The feature is similar to the Snapchat Stories: users can make short videos with their smartphones in WeChat client and post them online. These videos are kept for 24 hours only.
  • WeChat Pay. It is a built-in digital wallet with the bank account information. Users can pay bills, make purchases, and perform money transfers directly from the messenger.
  • City Services. This service can also let the users pay fines, book tickets and doctor appointments.

Thus, you can get WeChat messenger as a really powerful toolset which can be used to perform almost all tasks in the Internet. You can use it for personal and business communication, for calling, for meeting other people, for fun (there is a variety of different games), and for education (it is possible to get articles about themes you are interested in). Besides, the messenger can be used as payment means and organizer.

Though it was created in China and targeted towards the Chinese users, its audience becomes larger in other countries as well.