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Description of IMO

IMO app is a web-service for instant messaging and arrangement of VoIP-calls. During the registration, you need to create a new personal internal IMO account. IMO messenger supports Windows, macOS, Android and iOS platforms, thus you can easily switch between any of your devices with no efforts. All video talks and voice calls, as well as text chats, use secure HTTPS protocol, which guarantees the safety and privacy of all your correspondence within the application.

Notable distinctions and features of the IMO program

Below we summarized all the abilities and special options of the latest IMO version, according to the official documentation and manual guide:

  • Free video and audio calls. While you are having a call, you get an incredibly stable and seamless connection with the server. Hereby, you can always talk to your friends or relatives, no matter where they are, and have a private conversation with them when it‘s convenient for both of the sides.
  • A variety of IM options (expression, text, emoji). The text chatting is a must-have option for any of the contemporary messaging software, regardless of its designation and state of origin. In such a way, IMO has not become an exception from this rule. With this particular app, you can chat from any of your desktop or mobile device with efficiency and reliability, not being worried of the information leaks to any of the concerned parties.
  • Story — the best place to share your own custom status by text, video or picture. Here you can tell about your personal emotions, feelings or thoughts regarding your life, study or career to your friends only.
  • Sending files. Within the IMO messenger, you can send PDFs, videos, music, images, presentations, digital sheets and other file objects without restrictions. If you want to be aware of the maximum size of file to be sent, actually, it‘s 10 GB per one file. Hopefully, you won‘t need to exceed this limit while exchanging photos or media from your phone or tablet gallery.
  • Big Group. This specific option grants a way to have up to 100k people within a group. After you join the group, you can find new friends, or chat with your old ones, colleagues or relatives. On the other hand, you van meet people of the same interests that are sharing your passion to something. By the way, within a group, you can have a different alias, so that other people within the social community could refer to your by your imaginative nickname.
  • Multiple sets of stickers to broaden your chatting experience and advance the interaction with other people online to new level. There is huge variety of free stickers to apply and use in the new app version, so you get quite a lot of options to choose from.
  • Search within the message history on mobile devices or from a network. Indeed, while you are accessing the IMO network from smartphone, you can easily find a message, which you typed several months ago from the PC or notebook without switching the devices.
  • All the content you send within IMO is absolutely free, regardless whether you use Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, EDGE or LTE connection. The primary condition is that you mobile operator tariff plan stipulates for sufficient amount of traffic to share monthly. So, you pay only for traffic, and all the rest is entirely free of charge.

If you got interested in the IMO project, you can download and install the messenger on any of the compatible devices. After a new update is released, you will receive an instant notification with the proposal to make the proper setup and use the recent version at once after it is installed — just make sure that the updates are suggested to be deployed on your actual device.