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How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Data: 12-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

WhatsApp, one of the widely used messengers in numerous countries, offers a number of versions for different kinds of devices. Although the app can be easily used on most modern smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, transferring your data from one device to another might be often challenging. In this article, you will find some tips on how to move your WhatsApp from IOS to Android operated device.

The users usually need to move their chat history with all the messages from iPhone to Android. The reason why so many people often face difficulties with managing their app accounts is that Apple and Android smartphones have completely different operating principles and features.

How to move chats from iPhone to Android

There are two different methods for these purposes. Both are easy-to-do and will not require too much time.

Transfer WhatsApp data via email

This method for transferring your chats remains to be the safest one. It will allow you to store and review all the messages related to a certain contact in your email. However, it will not move your chats to the application itself.

  1. Open the program on your iPhone. Go to Chat and tap the needed message history you want to save and move to the new device. Swipe to the left and choose More.

  2. Then you will be asked whether you would like to transfer chats with or without media. If you choose Attach media option, it might require a little bit more time and space.

  3. Tap Export Chat to move the required data.

  4. After that, you will see a list of services that you can use for transferring. This might include mail, message, Viber and Yahoo mail. The number of available services may vary depending on your personal settings as well as the apps installed on your smartphone.

Tapping the preferable option will automatically save and move your data using the required service.

After you’ve successfully finished your transfer, feel free to have an access to all your chats in your Android device.

Transfer WhatsApp data via backup

  1. Using backup is another common method for transferring your messages.

Go to Chats – Backup and store your message history.

After that, open your WhatsApp in Android and restore the needed data. For more detailed info about the issue, please read How to backup WhatsApp messages.

All in all, moving WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android is really easy and can be performed even by users with little to no experience of using the app.