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Telegram for Linux is a free messenger build for all desktop Linux editions: Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, Fedora, Mint, Red Hat and others. As a difference to Windows and macOS packages, the Linux version inherited the common interface and methodologies typical of all open-source software. In order to download and install Telegram for Linux on your computer, just run the setup file available on the current page.

General options of Telegram for Linux

Telegram has a range of special abilities and options that revamp it into the best app for business and domestic sector, and here are the reasons why:

  • Amicable, logical and clear graphical user interface with transparent position of all control panels, menus and buttons. Moreover, thanks to flawless usability, it takes just couple of seconds to get used to the design and learn the common tricks and functions.
  • The presence of all abilities typical of contemporary messaging service: text chats, audio calls, recording of voice messages, sharing any types of files (executive resources, APK and MSI distributed softwares, media, archives, etc.), a big number of emojis, stickers and GIF-animations that make the conversation vivid and interesting.
  • Fast speed of response to user actions. Telegram doesn’t require PC with high hardware characteristics and hereby financial investments into the CPU or RAM amount.
  • Syncing of Telegram messages via distributed cloud storages. That is another plus that grants a chance to switch between all of your devices without prolonged setting up of the app or profile customization.
  • Amongst the rich variety of up-to-date messengers on the market Viber, WhatsApp, Skype), Telegram is the most secure and protected one out of them. With end-to-end encryption of all the text chats and audio calls, Telegram has become an ultimate software client which maintains privacy, security and anonymity in the web. The top-notch feature is a secret chat which doesn’t permit anyone or anything to trace even your connection to the corporate server and your online activity. There is also a specific timer for self-destruction of the messages.
  • Splendid social media capabilities. Anyone can create and take part in public channels or groups, which can include up to 100000 Telegram members. After you have become a member of such community, you can read, post comments and discuss anything you want. At the same time, your personal data cannot be shared to any state authorities or someone else. Bonus advantages are afforded by bots that severely enhance already existing functions. You can use a particular bot almost for any required operation, from online social service payments to discussing technical issues with a bank instead of a manager. This feature has been taken into usage by many administrative offices, public and governmental organizations and structures, and their quantity is still growing.
  • Free sharing of the Telegram product without any ads, microtransactions or in-app payments for additional services. Yes, the service has still not been monetized, and the authors claim that such a financial trend will be maintained in the future as well.

If you still have not finally decided which messenger you are going to use on your Linux in the future, download Telegram for Ubuntu or other OS edition — you won’t regret it, definitely. The advantages will massively overcome your expectations.

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