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Telegram for iPhone is a mobile messenger in which you can chat and make calls without worrying about security, privacy and anonymity while talking. The messenger is persistently holding a stable position in the top of the most secure app ratings from several media-resources and independent IT-experts. iOS version of the tool is updated several times a month, so it takes into consideration all the latest trends. Afterwards, they are implemented into latest versions of the app constantly. When you download Telegram for iPhone or iPad, you get a fully operating messaging utility without ads or any subscription fees, and you are eligible to apply it anyway you want to.

features and current resources of Telegram

The tool is full of extra options and potential that definitely make Telegram fit the most protected web-conversations with your foreign friends and local acquaintances:

  • Enriched social media opportunities of handling groups, public channels and chats with bots. A group allows arranging conference calls and group conversations with up to 100000 participants. In such group, you can discuss everything: an urgent project or plans for the weekend, it doesn't matter. Public channels give you an opportunity to create a blog, a campaign, an online-magazine, you name it. Chats with bots are generated in order to automate a bank payment for social services, execute an automated search in the web for target phrase or statement, or integrate third-party tool into your recent software product or script.
  • Full-scope protection of your communication. You can initiate a secret chat with end-to-end encryption (that doesn’t allow corporate and private servers to trace your chat), timers for self-destruction of messages as well as a chance to disallow forwarding.
  • Distributed storage of data on remote servers and cloud data banks that provide maximum speed and performance of the Telegram mobile/desktop clients on the iPhones, iPads, Macs, MacBooks and Apple Watches.
  • Syncing og the Telegram clients between all your devices and gadgets.
  • Unrestricted size of media attachments and text messages shared within the tool.
  • Free sharing of the Telegram without any micropayments, internal transactions or in-app purchases.
  • Open-source structure of the client side code that lets you create your own custom software in Telegram for business and private purposes.
  • An ability to attach media files and documents of any types, from .exe and .bat to .apk and .msi. This vital option is especially helpful for those who often exchange file objects with specific extensions.

Telegram is a must-have for anyone who appreciates elegance, simplicity and flexibility in their everyday web-chatting. Just download Telegram for iOS, install it into your iPhone/iPad storage and check out all the great options it provides you with. Definitely, you won’t regret that you have given preference to such a powerful and amazing program tool.

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Telegram for iOS Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download from official web-site
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