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How to get Telegram stickers

Data: 15-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Focused on the highest possible speed and top security, Telegram is currently one of the most popular messengers worldwide. As any classical messenger, it allows making voice calls, sending messages and different kinds of files (including the large ones).

The application has numerous features that are not available in its closest competitors, such as Viber and WhatsApp. Among the most demanding utility functions are subscribing to channels and using unique and colorful stickers. The program offers hundreds of bright pictures that can easily make your communication more unique and really fun. However, many users still miss this amazing option, because they just don’t know how to search stickers in Telegram. Below you will have an opportunity to learn how to get free stickers and use them in your chats with friends and loved ones.

Three ways to get stickers on Telegram for free

  1. Using your Telegram.
    • Open your app and go to Settings – Stickers.

    • Choose Trending Stickers.

    • Press + button to the right of the sticker you would like to add.

    • Now you can immediately start using these bright pictures in your chats.
  1. The official website of the messenger.

If you would like to get sticker packs available in different handy categories, you can look for them at Browse in various categories, including TV shows, cartoons, animals, movies, games, characters, sports and places. The stickers will be downloaded in just a few clicks. The website will automatically open your Telegram and ask whether you would like to add them to your app. Press Add Stickers button.

Note: your stickers can be used on both desktop and mobile version of your messenger. Furthermore, if you download the pack using your Telegram desktop, the stickers will be also available at your mobile version (and vice versa).

  1. Telegram stickers can be also found on different public channels.
  • Open your app and type Telegram stickers in your program’s search bar.

  • Subscribe to any channel you like by choosing Join channel button at the bottom of your screen.

  • Now all the packs become available for adding to your application. Tap or click your favorite option and choose Add stickers.

How to add stickers to your chat?

Making your texting brighter is really easy.

  • Open your conversation and tap the button to the right of your messaging menu.

  • Choose a picture and tap it to send.

If you would like to manage your sticker packs, go to Settings – Stickers and press an Edit button.

Now you can delete certain packs by tapping the red button.

Feel free to add as many stickers as you wish! Telegram doesn’t have any limitations on the number of packs you are allowed to use.

Get the most popular stickers in a single click:
Soccer city:
Simon cat:
Super Mario:
Disney princess: