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Telegram for PC on Windows is a desktop client of incredibly secure, scalable and steady messenger for personal computers with Microsoft operating system on board. Due to rapidly rising popularity of the application among the youngsters and middle-aged people, the market is booming with the services which Telegram affords. Windows version has not become an exception. After you download Telegram for PC, the simple setting up and phone number validation are required. You can get a detailed info about these steps in “How to create a Telegram account”, and “How to use Telegram on PC” FAQ references.

General review of Telegram

The messaging service provides fabulous set of features and capabilities. Here we provide a brief review of the most important of them:

  • Stylish and amicable graphical UI, which allows instant navigating to requested function or option without any extensive manipulations.
  • A set of all the options typical of a contemporary messenger: the user can make text chats, arrange audio calls, send any types of files (documents, multimedia, MSI, archives, APK, etc.), make audio recordings and so on.
  • Robust opportunities for social networking and automation of frequent operations, such as creation of public channels (or groups) which can share a general info about something. There is no need to worry about the hijacking of the personal info: due to end-to-end encryption and distributed storage of the encryption keys, no one can get any info about the group members, except the admin of the group themself. Also, you can use built-in bots which accept the data from the users and process it. When the bots have been taken into application by many banks and state services for online payments and integration to other programs, the feature has been enhanced and transitioned into solid, proficient option for business and private purposes.
  • Extended set of GIF-animations, stickers and emojis that make your conversation interesting and bright. If you can't think of a word that can describe you at the moment, just choose an emoticon from the available range, and it will show your idea better than a whole word combination.
  • Full anonymity and protection. As with the groups, ordinary chatting and voice calls are safe in Telegram. When a message is sent, you can make a corresponding setup, and it will self-destruct after a specified time period.
  • Syncing with the remote servers and using cloud storages for storing the user data. Thanks to this, you can access your conversations from any of your desktop (computer or laptop) or mobile (cell phone or tablet) devices at the same time.
  • Open-source client-side code that allows you to build your own new tools for PC or smartphone based on open API. At the same time, the server code is proprietary. The reason for such an approach is to make an app less vulnerable to hackers and guarantee the maximum protection from intrusion of state authorities or anybody from the outside.

Currently Telegram is one of the few apps that know the value of human privacy in web-conversations. Indeed, the developers have created a protected, secure application that guarantees your safety during a web-call or chat.

The latest builds only confirm this statement. Try to download Telegram for Windows for free, and you will make certain of this fact once again.

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