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What is Telegram group

Data: 15-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Being one of the most convenient messengers, Telegram can boast of having lots of various tools and options for both beginner and experienced users. In this article, you will discover the basic and advanced functions of the program’s group chats which are one of the hottest app’s functions.

Groups on Telegram: the basics

What is Telegram group? It is a great way to communicate with different contacts in a single chat simultaneously. Its members can easily send texts, share different kinds of files and use their favorite GIFs and emoticons. Unlike Channels, any member can add new users and share content in the group. On the initial stage, you can add up to 200 members. Afterwards, you can transform your multi-user chat to Supergroup that can count up to 100,000 users.

Note: you can easily transform a common multi-user chat to the Supergroup before reaching the limits. This way, you will be able to enjoy its extra features immediately!

The benefits of Supergroup on Telegram

  • Mentions and replies. You can mention any user using a “@” symbol and reply to certain messages just by swiping the left.
  • Pinned messages. You can pin any message to the top of your chat in case you want the members not to miss any important information.
  • Bots. Bots can do plenty of kinds of jobs for you. To know more, visit How to add a bot in Telegram group/channel
  • Private and public groups. You can make your chat available for everyone or allow access only by using the personal invitation.
  • Admin. Large chats require additional managers. Feel free to delegate admin right to certain users.

How to create a group on Telegram?

Telegram group chat can be set up even by users with little to no experience. This handy manual will help you to cope with this challenge in a matter of moments.

  1. Open your application and choose New message – New Group.

  2. Add users from your contact list by ticking them and choose Next.

  3. Name it and press Set Group Photo to download an icon for it (optional).

  4. To get access to more options, tap an icon to the right of your group’s title.

  5. In the new menu, you can add new users and manage your notification. To set up more options, choose Edit.

  6. To add a description, type it in the required field.

  7. You can also change your group type for Private/Public.

  8. By tapping Permission, you will allow or forbid the members to perform different types of actions (for example, send media, pin messages or send stickers & GIFs). Feel free to Add Exception for setting extra rights and limits for certain users.

  9. If you choose Administrators, you will be able to add new admins (or delete if you’ve already added someone).

Note: as for the group picture, you can choose any photo from your gallery, take pictures using your camera or make a web search to find the best images.

To pin a certain message in your chat, long tap it and choose Pin.

You can leave your chat whenever you want. This option is available in the Info menu.

Hereby, all the functions of your multi-user chat are all available right at your hands. Make your communication brighter using Telegram, one of the greatest messengers!