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What is a secret chat in Telegram

Data: 15-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Telegram is considered to be one of the most feature-rich messengers among its competitors. However, many users are still wondering what makes this utility unique. As most messengers, the app offers a list of classical options, including texting, calling and sending files. According to the users’ reviews, the most incredible feature of the utility is a secret chat, also called a Telegram anonymous chat.

Thousands of people who use popular messengers are concerned about the highest safety of messaging and are wondering whether their texts might be leaked by third parties. To resolve that issue, Telegram now offers the most secure way of texting using anonymous chats.

What is an anonymous chat?

Unlike common chats, the secret ones are not saved to the cloud — they are stored only on the sender’s and recipient’s devices. Furthermore, you are not able to access your secret correspondence on other devices, where you’ve also installed the app. That is why your information can’t be hacked.

As an additional security measure, users can set a special time limit after which all your secret correspondence will be automatically deleted from your and your recipient’s device.

The main benefits of Telegram secret chat:

  • Uses end-to-end encryption as the standard with the highest possible level of safety
  • Leaves no traces on the program’s servers
  • Is able to automatically self-destruct in a certain period of time
  • No forwarding feature available

Telegram offers this feature only for one-to-one conversation — the secret group texting is currently not available.

How to start a new secret chat on Telegram mobile app?

  1. Open your Telegram and go to Chats – New message – New secret chat.

  2. Then choose the needed contact to start your conversation.

  3. The app will automatically initiate an anonymous conversation with the chosen person. You will see a special notification about that right in your chatting panel.

  4. Write your message and click on the timer icon to set the period of time, after which your text will be deleted on your and your contact’s smartphones.

  5. Feel free to choose a time period from a few seconds to several hours and even days. Tap Done.

  6. You will also see a notification that you’ve set up the timer in your messaging menu. Press the blue icon to send your message.

  7. The same rule goes for self-destructing images and photos. Tap the folder icon to choose a picture you would like to send and choose it from your phone’s media gallery. You will be also asked to set a timer for the image’s self-destruction. The burning icon will remain on the image until your contact sees it. When the respondent sees the picture, the burning icon will turn to tick icon.

Note: the feature is available only for the program’s mobile version: desktop Telegram doesn’t support it.