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What is Telegram channel

Data: 21-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Telegram channel is the thing which helped this product to become so popular so quickly, though it was not the first attempt to combine broadcasts with the functionality and form of an instant messenger.

In general, besides direct exchanging of text messages and voice calls, Telegram users can also do broadcasts for other users who subscribe to these channels. These broadcasts can be of any type: informational, entertaining, personal blogging etc.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter apps, Telegram will never show any ads or posts which it considers to be useful for you in those channels. Subscribers can leave the channel any moment, and the feature does not require any personal details from any side, it is completely anonymous.

Thus, this feature has become a really successful alternative to usual blogs. The owner of the channel can have unlimited followers and share text posts, audio records, videos and other files with them.

However, posts in Telegram channels won't provide an option to comment, like, or else. On one hand, the owner won't get direct followers' feedback, on another hand, there won't be cyber-bullying or other harmful features of the modern-day Internet communication.

As for Telegram users, they can receive regular updates on themes which they are interested in directly into the app. No need to launch any browsers or switch between different tabs and bookmarks online, no need to use many mobile applications belonging to different social networks. Many brands use Telegram to reach their audiences, too, among them are such media giants as The Washington Post, Netflix and BBC. Everything can be found in one place on your smartphone, and you can read news from different channels and chat with your friends in the same messenger software simultaneously.

Telegram channels have become popular and independent resources which provide original, interesting and useful information — no wonder that there are so many channels launched every day.

The latest stats data show that the most popular categories for these channels are entertainment, education, news and politics. Many of them are run by groups of authors and can be considered official informational accounts of some well-established brands. However, the most popular ones are Telegram equivalents of personal blogs. Such channels benefit from the unique authors' styles and their original and expert opinions on different matters.

To subscribe to the channels of your choice for regular updates, you need a direct link which is often provided by the owners. Or you can just use the Join option in the app when you find interesting contents.

Below you'll find examples of the most popular resources by category.

Global News

The Washington Post — @washingtonpost
Political News & Polls — @Political_News
TRT World — @TRTWorldNews



Curiosity Tea™ — @Curiosity_Tea
Science — @science
History Invasion — @historyinvasion



Tech Guide — @TechGuide
Gadget News — @gadget_news
Programming Tips — @ProgrammingTip



Programmer Jokes — @programmerjokes
Memes — @bestmemes
Funny images — @funny_images



Full Music Albums — @FullAlbums
English Songs with Lyrics — @English_Songs_and_Lyrics
Music 2019 — @musik_sound


Movies and trailers

Netflix — @netflix
Telegram movies — @tmoviesofficial
Entertainment — @entertainment



Books Mania — @booksmania
Bestsellers Book — @bestsellers_book
Books Thief — @BooksThief



Sheger Gebeta — @ShegerGebeta
Love of Food — @onlyfood
Restaurant food — @restaurantfood



RL games — @RLgames
Stickers — @tstickers
All Wallpaper — @Allwallpaper


And there are many others Telegram channels which will meet your interests.