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Telegram for Windows Phone is a mobile version of contemporary and hassle-free messenger for Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. Combining flexibility, simplicity and logical approach to business processes, Telegram affords the best ways to communicate with your remote friends right from your smartphone or tablet. As long as Telegram is a cross-platform project, you can use any mobile (Android ,iOS) or desktop (PC, macOS, Linux) app build.

General functions and options of Telegram

Let’s figure out what makes Telegram for Windows Phone so special and exciting:

  • Flawless, responsive and logical interface with intuitive controls and seamless usability that affords unique experience to all users who like clearness and transparency.
  • An ability to arrange text chats, make audio calls, record voice messages, share any types of files (documents, executives, MSI and APK files, archives, media) unrestricted by size and duration. Moreover, the app user gains access to a wide range of emojis, stickers and animations that make your conversation more vivid and interactive.
  • Secure conversation which is protected from any kind of intrusion. Due to end-to-end encryption of chats and audio calls, no one can overhear or overlook what you type or say. You can arrange a secret chat and set a timer: all your messages will be automatically erased right at the specified time. Also, secret chats do not leave traces on corporate servers, which means your chat can be impossible to track at all.
  • Incredibly fast responsiveness and operating speed that lets you download and run Telegram even on outdated gadgets and mobile devices.
  • An opportunity to arrange groups with up to 100000 members, which is a plus for businessmen and entrepreneurs.
  • Perfectly implemented localization. At the moment, the project is translated to more than 40 worldwide languages. Hereby, you can refer to the tool in your native language without being worried that something is unclear or lost in sense.
  • Enriched spectrum of social abilities. In Telegram, you can create public channels or groups where you can discuss any idea, plans for the weekend, a new recipe, you name it. In a public channel, the info about group members can not be shared to anybody from outside. The only person who can address you is the admin of the group, and there are no exceptions. Another big plus is the bots. There is a rich variety of embedded bots that extend and enhance the common interaction with third-party services. Using bots, you can perform a financial payment via Visa/MasterCard credit card, handle an administrative problem with the bank or add comments to your public channel — the range is definitely wide, so you will surely find something suitable.
  • Syncing of Telegram between all platforms. Hereby, you can use Telegram on all your gadgets simultaneously without a need to log in all the time.

The mobile version of the tool works fluently and efficiently like a charm. If you are still hesitating, just download Telegram for Windows Phone for free, and you will appreciate its convenience and all pluses mentioned above.

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