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How to upload video to Telegram

Data: 19-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Telegram is a cloud-based messenger that offers countless exceptional features to all its users. Being easy-to-operate and ads-free, the program is becoming increasingly popular and is considered to overcome its main competitors on the market. Among the most valued features of the app are uploading and downloading videos. Below you will learn how to send video file in Telegram quickly and easily.

How to upload video on Telegram: the basic requirements

The application allows sharing files that don’t exceed 1.5 GB. Video dimensions must be set to 480x320 (320x480 for vertical videos). MPEG-4 and H.264 should be used as the container and codec. In other words, the tool supports HD (720), FullHD (1080) and UHD (2k)* formats. The number of videos you can share has no limits.

Note: the video you are uploading should be converted before sending it to your contact/group/channel.

To send media using your favorite Telegram messenger, follow this step-by-step guide.

How to send media files using Telegram mobile app?

  1. Open your app and choose the contact/channel/group where you would like to send your media file. Tap the clip icon located to the left of your chatting panel.

  2. Choose Photo or Video and choose the required option from your gallery.

  3. Your data set will be automatically sent. You will see your file downloading process right in the chatting panel. You can tap the X icon — it will delete the video.

  4. You can also delete your media file even in case it was successfully downloaded. Long-tap the media icon and choose Delete.

  5. You can remove your file either only from your chat or from both your and your recipient’s conversation.

How to send media files using Telegram desktop app?

Sending files using the messenger’s desktop version looks almost the same.

  1. Open your Telegram, pick the needed contact and choose the clip icon.
  2. Click on the needed file from your gallery and press Open.

  3. Your data set will be downloaded to the chat.

  4. If you want to delete it, just right-click it and choose Delete.

That’s all! As a rule, all the media files don’t require much time to get downloaded. The total time you will need to upload your video on the messenger depends on its size and the speed of your Internet connection. However, it is not likely to take longer than a few moments.