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How to install Telegram on Linux

Data: 21-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Telegram is a secure, reliable and customizable messenger with a plenty of options to use and configure. With this particular messaging service, you can handle absolutely private conversations with colleagues, business partners or teammates without worrying that you will be overheard by someone else. In this FAQ section, we will give you a step-by-step instruction about how to install Telegram on Linux operating system via Terminal or GUI-equipped Package Manager. We will provide the guide for Ubuntu: the instructions for Mint, Debian or Kali are quite similar, so we will not elaborate on these types of Linux distributions.

How to install Telegram with Software Center GUI?

There are 2 essential types of software installations which you can refer to in Linux:

  • via Software Center (that involves graphical shell)
  • via Terminal (in this type of installation, the console command line is involved).

Here is a brief description of how to install the Telegram package with Software Center:

  • Open the Software Center by clicking the corresponding icon on Unity Launcher.

  • Click on the magnifier icon next to the top-right corner.

  • In the search field, type the name of the package you are looking for in the repository: telegram

  • The first found entry is exactly what we were looking for: Telegram Desktop. Click on the needed entry from the list of search results.

  • Now, when the app page is opened, click on the Install button at the top of the window.

  • On this step, the request form appears, where you are required to specify the password for your OS user account. Enter the password into the text field and let the installation start.

  • The setting up procedure is in process. Wait a bit until all the files are copied, and when it’s over, click on the Launch button to run the application afterwards.

How to set up Telegram via Terminal command line in Linux?

Another way of app installation in Ubuntu is with help of console entries. You may install the applications either online from the repository or locally from the downloaded package file. As Telegram is included into the repository by default, there is no need to download the archive package from the official page. Hereby, we will describe only the first of the suggested methods:

  • Run Terminal by using Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut combination.
  • Now let’s see if the required package is in the repository by running the following command in console: apt-cache search telegram. Looking over the search results, we find the “telegram-desktop” package, and this is exactly what we were looking for.

  • Let’s get on with installation procedure. Type another command in console: sudo apt-get install telegram-desktop. Once this command is given, the setup phase will be initiated.

  • Now you can only watch how the files are being prepared, unpacked, processed and set up. During the process, the request box may appear to specify the password for your root account, as all the new software installations require admin privileges. Type ”y” when you see such a request, press Enter and proceed with the active stage.

When the app is installed, you are suggested to log in to your account and start using the app. In case you don’t have one, have a look into the “How to create a Telegram account” FAQ section to get the detailed info regarding that issue.

Linux is an OS with countless number of possibilities. After you install Telegram on Ubuntu, you get the same set of features which is given to all Windows and macOS owners. That is highly appreciated. While you are working with the messenger in Linux, you won’t face any lags, delays or freezes. This system is one of the most stable and reliable operating environments, and that is quite worthy to be mentioned.