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What is Telegram Web

Data: 11-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Telegram is a handy application developed for fast and easy communication online. Currently, the utility is supported by most popular operating systems and can be effortlessly installed on both mobile devices and desktop. Furthermore, you can also use Telegram Web version with no need to install the app on all your devices.

Why do people use Telegram online?

Using the application online means you can benefit from most Telegram functions without download and installation to your smartphone or computer. The only thing you will need is a browser (feel free to choose from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari or any other option) to open the messenger’s web version.

You can use the web app in these cases:

  • You lack of free space and can’t install the program on your device, but still, want to communicate using the popular messenger;
  • Your device doesn’t support Telegram, so the web version is the only way to use the messenger on your gadget;
  • You don't want to install the app on your smartphone or computer, but would like to use the utility on a certain device;
  • You urgently need to call, send messages or files from someone else's device and take care about the security of your data.

How to use a web version of Telegram?

  1. To open Telegram in browser, go to On the first step you will need to enter your mobile number to sign in to your account.

  2. Confirm that you’ve entered a correct number by clicking Yes.

  3. After that, you will automatically receive a secret code on your mobile. Enter the code to the needed field.

  4. After you’ve successfully entered the correct code, you will be automatically forwarded to the online version of your messenger. It looks almost the same as your mobile or desktop version. All the contacts, groups and messaging history are available. Feel free to use it!

To write a message, choose the needed contact and type your text in the required field.

You can also send files using the online messenger’s version. For these purposes, click on the folder icon located below your messaging menu.

To send media files, including photos, images, pictures and video, choose camera icon.

Your favorite stickers are also available! To send a sticker, choose the smile icon and click on the option you would like to send.

To manage your accounts, click on the circle icon to the right of the messaging field.

In the opened menu you will have an opportunity to turn on/off notifications, edit user name, clear history, delete conversations, delete or block the contact.

To create a new group, choose the main menu icon at the top of the app’s interface.

Then click on New Group and add the needed users to start your communication.

Not to mention, the search bar is also present in the web version of Telegram. Therefore, you can look for new groups and channels to make your user experience even better.

To finish your session, go to the main menu – Settings – Log out.

The messenger’s web version might be exceptionally helpful when you have no access to the account on your device. Telegram always takes care of its users!