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How to install Telegram X on Desktop

Data: 21-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Telegram X is a hybrid analogue version of classical Telegram messenger. It has some minor peculiarities in features and visual aspects. You can read detailed info about this branch of popular messenger in the following article. As you definitely know, Telegram X can be downloaded and installed only on mobile OS versions, such as Android or iOS by default, and there is no way to set it up on Windows or macOS operating systems. Or is there? Actually, using some skills and hints, you can install the Telegram X messaging service for desktop PC. In this article, we will reveal how to bring this idea into reality.

Prerequisites before installing Telegram X on desktop

Before we start the whole process, we should make some former preparations to make sure that all the conditions are met. Here is what you should care about formerly before setting up the Telegram X service on Windows PC or Mac:

  • Android emulator. In this guide, we will use BlueStacks emulator. However, you may use any other environment according to your personal preferences and requirements, like Genymotion, Nox Player or MEmu. Some of them are compatible with Windows only, while the rest is compliant with macOS perfectly as well. Resolve the compatibility issue from the official resources.
  • A valid Google account registered. We will need it in order to make Android successfully run in virtual environment.
  • Valid phone number. Let’s focus on that: you don’t need an Android-smartphone, iPhone or iPad. It can be any mobile number, either registered within your cell operator package or a free number obtained via Google Voice service.

That’s all we need. Now let’s get to the best part.

Step-by-step guide on installing Telegram X on desktop machine

  • First thing that we are supposed to do is to install BlueStacks on your native desktop platform. There are specific setup packages both for Windows and macOS systems on the official app portal, just find the relevant installation file and proceed with the instructions provided.
  • After emulator is installed, run BlueStacks. It may take some minutes for primary configuration and initialization of your program files, so relax, make a cup of tea and stay patient.
  • When the emulator is run, the first what we are suggested to do is to set up our Google account. For the start, let’s select the preferential language from the list and approve our decision by pressing the Let’s go button.

  • In 20 or 30 seconds, depending on your computer’s performance, log in to previously prepared Google account. Specify your account name in the text field in the center or register a new one if you are a newbie in any of Google services.

  • In the next window, type in the password for your account to authenticate your identity.

  • The further section is related to your security issues. You are afforded a chance to specify your phone number to make your account more secure and protected. We definitely recommend to make your Google account as more secure as possible, and this step is a must-have choice for everybody who cares about safety and privacy of your data. But as we use Google account in testing purposes only, we skip this iteration. If you don’t want to miss the chance to protect your personal data, choose “Yes, I’m in” option instead in the bottom part of the window.

  • When we are done with the protection, the final stage of the logging in routine is in process. On this phase, we are given a chance to have a brief look onto the terms of service and privacy policy. As this information is only an agreement with active conditions of service usage, let’s skip this step.

  • The next mini-form is only a note about successful logging in to your Google account. Click on “Start using BlueStacks” and walk over to the most pleasant and vital part — installing Telegram X on BlueStacks emulator.

  • The Installing process of the software on BlueStacks is the same as in usual Android environment. Firstly, let’s go to the Play Market store by clicking on the relevant app icon on the home screen.

  • Firstly, let’s agree with Google’s terms of service once again and tap on Accept button.

  • Secondly, let’s find Telegram X applet in the market: type the name of the app in the search field above and go to the found page.

  • Thirdly, on the resulted page found from the search, click on Install button to start the the Telegram X app download and installation.

  • After the service is successfully installed, click on Open button displayed to make the program tool active.

  • On the welcome screen, click on the Start messaging button to initiate the number activation procedure within Telegram.

  • Next phase is the most important one. On this step, we need to specify a mobile number associated with Telegram X. This time it can be any phone number, but keep in mind that you will receive an SMS message with the code which you will need to transfer into Telegram for the number activation within messenger. Select the country code from the list and enter the phone number to be validated.

  • Further stage refers to some private data which you want to make visible to all of your Telegram contacts. The last name is optional. Hereby, if you don’t want to share it, let it be so.

  • Here is the last step for number activation. In a couple of seconds you will receive the SMS message to the number specified formerly with the code. Copy the code into corresponding field.

Note: if the SMS is not received, check the accuracy of the number typed in. If you encountered a mistake, click on arrow left on the top section of the form and enter the correct number.

  • If the data validation is successful, you will instantly get access to your Telegram X messaging service. Now you can use it for chit-chatting, voice or video calls and reading social media from groups.

Telegram X is a perfect choice for any purposes related to private or commercial usage. As you may have noticed, setting up Telegram X for Windows PC or Mac is absolutely elementary and doesn’t require any special programming or technical skills or abilities. You can also use same approach by installing one of accessible iOS emulators for desktop platforms: iPadian, Air iPhone or any other. The principle of number activation in them is absolutely the same.