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The best Telegram Crypto Groups

Data: 28-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

The blockchain and cryptocurrencies remain to be among the hottest topics for discussion, while the news in those spheres is always in high demand. Telegram is a popular messenger that surely goes with the times, offering subscriptions to numerous channels and groups regarding the issue. If you are looking for the best Telegram Crypto Groups to join, this article will perfectly suit your needs.

The most popular crypto groups on Telegram

  • DeCenter. Being one of the largest Telegram crypto channels on the messenger, DeCenter is ready to offer the hottest news, trends and reviews from the world of the blockchain. Feel free to read numerous editorial and analytical articles, discover important things in trading, ICO and mining. You can start your morning with a fresh newsletter provided by the group’s experts. Not to mention, it has two different channels for English- and Chinese-speaking users.
  • is a special channel provided by the world-famous website Dive into the world of the latest news, analyses, press releases and articles on ICOs. Subscribe to the channel not to miss anything really important.
  • Cointelegraph. This source is also a Telegram group supported by the popular website Being one of the most popular English-speaking groups, it currently attracted over 50,000 subscribers from all over the world. Find out tons of links to the popular crypto articles, polls and news. As an additional feature, the channel also offers cryptocurrency exchange rates and expert opinions, posted on the daily basis.
  • BlockchainMiners. This source was created for crypto miners. You will learn the basics of mining, get tips from professional miners and share knowledge about the mining business with other members.
  • Cryptodiffer. The channel is a handy aggregator of the top ICO experts’ views and opinions. The updates, news, polls and ratings are all available.
  • Coingape — Internet of money. Another popular Telegram source with over 2,000 of subscribers. The channel offers regular cryptocurrency updates along with the dozens of reviews and smart predictions of the industry experts.
  • ANXPRO. It is an official chat where you can ask questions and get professional assistance in ANXPRO Exchange, a popular marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and fiat. This Telegram channel has both English and Chinese chats.
  • The CoinFather. This CoinFather is one of the largest bitcoin communities. Stay tuned with the latest news about ethereum, bitcoin, the blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

As a conclusion, Telegram is a great source for staying in a trend of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, where you can find tons of useful information about any issue.