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How to add a bot in Telegram group/channel

Data: 19-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Telegram is surely one of the most innovative messengers worldwide. The app offers countless opportunities for free communication as well as a number of unique features that are one and only among the program’s analogs. Telegram bot is an incredibly useful utility that is widely used by thousands of channels’ and groups’ owners. In this article, you will learn how to add bot in Telegram group or channel and discover some benefits offered by bot technology.

What is Telegram bot?

Bots are special accounts that are operated by certain kinds of software, not humans. Bots can do plenty of automated work, including searching, playing, reminding, broadcasting and integrating with the other services.

This automated programs can save you plenty of time and efforts, making your admin job much easier. Interacting with bots is extremely easy. You will need to know just a few commands designed for managing your bot. In other words, there is a list of custom buttons used for operating the bots. Although creating your own bot from scratch is a little bit challenging, you can use a wide range of turnkey solutions. To know more about bot development, go to How to create a Telegram bot.

Easy steps to add a bot to your group or channel

To add a bot to channel Telegram, you will need just a few moments. Follow this simple guide and enjoy your job being automated!

  1. Open your application and find the search bar in your main menu. Type the name of the bot you would like to add. For example, @imagebot. Choose the needed option from the list.

  2. The new chat will appear in your menu. Here you will be able to learn the basic commands for operating your new tool. Press Start to launch the utility.

  3. The tool will automatically provide you with some tips on using the program. Follow the guide and enjoy your bot!

Note: you can use as many bots as you like. The number of bots used by a certain account is not limited.

Find out a list of most popular bots that were built by the Telegram testers:

  • @ImageBot — get a relevant picture for a certain keyword.
  • @GithubBot — track GitHub updates.
  • @AlertBot — set a timer and get notifications right on time.
  • @TriviaBot — test your knowledge or join groups to compete with friends.
  • @PollBot — create different kinds of polls in group chats.
  • @RateStickerBot — search and rate new sticker packs.
  • @HotOrBot — find new friends using a dating bot.
  • @StoreBot — find new bots and rate them.

To find more bots using different categories, visit with lost of solutions for creating polls, saving video, tracking images or movies and much more.