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Telegram VS WhatsApp

Data: 28-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Messengers are currently one of the most widely used programs, utilized by billions of people worldwide. The applications designed for free communication now become competitors of different services provided by mobile networks. WhatsApp and Telegram stand out of the crowd of messengers due to their convenient interface and high-quality performance. That is why many people are wondering which of these two is more safe and feature-rich. Below we will compare Telegram and WhatsApp, discover unique features of both utilities and finally choose which one is better.

WhatsApp and Telegram: common features

First of all, let’s take a look at the list of features and options offered by each messenger to learn more about their basic functionality.

  • Calls. The apps enable users to perform voice calls to different contacts, regardless of their current position. No matter which country you are going to call, the apps will not ask you for any additional charges. Just say goodbye to roaming: the only thing you will need to start calling is a stable Internet connection.
  • Chats. Users of both utilities are allowed to send free messages to their friends with no limitations. Feel free to chat even all day long!
  • Group chats. Communication with several contacts simultaneously is available in both utilities.
  • Automatic integration with your phone book. Both messengers can integrate with the phone book of your smartphone, that is why there is no need to add your contacts manually.
  • Sending files. Feel free to send countless photos, images, contacts and locations. All the options can be found in the easy-to-use menu right near the chatting panel.

Comparison of WhatsApp and Telegram

Telegram VS WhatsApp: which one is better? Below we will come through the step-by-step simile of two world-famous applications, based on the list of main features of the tools.

  1. Security. Both programs can boast of meeting the highest security standards using the best possible encryption methods. However, there is nothing new that WhatsApp is a Facebook ownership, where Facebook has suffered from the leaks of user data for several times. That is why its users might be also at this kind of risk. For security, Telegram seems more solid.
  2. Calls. This sphere is where WhatsApp surely wins. The matter is that Telegram is still not supporting one-to-one and group video calls. That is why, if you prefer communicating while seeing your contact’s face and emotions, Telegram might not be the best choice.
  3. Group chats. Channels and group chats are key Telegram features. The number of maximum participants in both groups and channels can reach up to 100,000. That is why you can keep in touch with the latest news, movies, sports events, celebrities and much more in a single tap. Furthermore, if you are a group owner, you can use bots that will automatically do certain kinds of job just for you. Pinned posts will also help you make your audience focus on the most important messages. None of these features are available on WhatsApp, since the utility has a considerably lower limit of the group participants.
  4. The number of users. The number of WhatsApp users is reaching 1,5 billion active users, while its main competitor attracted just around 200 million users. Not to mention, Telegram is blocked in Russia and some other big countries.
  5. Smileys and GIFs. Both apps have an enormous database of stickers, emojis, smileys and emoticons. You can use either free or paid ones to spice up your communication. There is no winner in this sphere, since both utilities are rich for those functions.
  6. Status. Your WhatsApp status will not be seen by the whole world but only by your contacts. This way, the app offers more privacy than its analog.
  7. Data usage. Both services use relatively small amounts of data and require little free space in your device. No winner, too.
  8. Sharing files. Unlike its competitor, Telegram allows transferring big files, including HD movies and heavy documents. You can also download these files to any kind of device you are using, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.
  9. Interface. According to the users’ reviews, WhatsApp has a more handy design, offering a great option to archive your chats.
  10. Meeting new people. While WhatsApp is focused on providing communication with your friends, relatives and colleagues (people whom you already know), Telegram is designed for meeting new fellows. You can make new friends while chatting in groups and channels and then move to private communication.

WhatsApp benefits and unique services

First of all, WhatsApp is famous for its highest quality video calls. You can make calls to both individuals or in groups and enjoy your conversations without any limitations. Another cool feature offered by the program is status. You can share your mood, ideas and thoughts in your personal status, which can be read by your contacts. Furthermore, you can use not only text but also change colors and background to make your status even more unique.

The program is widely used for business purposes. You can share news, promotions and special offers using a free channel for communication as well as offer exclusive customer support to each client. Businesses can also benefit from getting some insights and metrics about their clientele. Setting up the automatic replies to your customers when you are out of the office is also available.

The tool takes care of the security of its users. Link-warning feature was developed exactly for these purposes. The application will automatically notify you about tapping on a suspicious link that might contain malware or fake information. The same rule will work for unwanted software and bloatware.

As for the extra options for chatting, the program also offers additional font styles, including bold, italics and strikethrough.

Telegram benefits and unique services

Telegram has also a number of exceptional features that are not present in other messengers. Secret chat is one of them. This kind of chat has a number of incredible benefits, including notifications about making screenshots, self-destructive messages and an ability to set up the timer for deleting your texts in a certain period of time.

The tool offers an advanced file sharing option: feel free to send different kinds of files that can reach up to 1.5 GB. Not to mention, the maximum file size that can be shared in other messengers usually doesn’t exceed 100 MB.

The program amazes its users with a wide range of customization services. You can use a wide number of themes to make your app look according to your personal preferences. Another great option is an auto-night mode that will turn on the dark scheme in your device.

Telegram also offers its users unique security services. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can easily use two-factor authentication (enter password along with SMS-code as an additional safety measure).

The messenger is famous for its supergroups and channels that can handle thousands of subscribers. This is an absolutely unique feature, since its analogs offer group chatting with a significantly small number of users. Since the app might get thousands of people engaged in a certain group, some actions of the group/channel admin can be automated with bots.

As a conclusion, it is difficult to choose the winner between these two messengers. However, you can try them both! Download WhatsApp and Telegram through our website and pick the best tool for your needs!