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Viber for macOS is a computer version of free messaging service for desktop Mac and laptop MacBook Apple stations. As the latest independent media reviews claim, Viber is one of the most secured and protected software messengers among those available on the market. Following the recent news, it is also the most widely used messaging service in the world, as it has over 900 million active users overall, while the quantity of devices the app was installed onto is even larger. Viber for macOS/Mac OS X has not stood aside of this research. After you download Viber for Mac, you are ought to make a bit of initial setting up, and after half a minute you get an app fully ready to work.

Full glance onto Viber’s features

  • Viber messenger can boast of a variety of peculiar abilities and functions that make the product amazing among the alternatives. Here is their shortlist:

  • Easy-to-use and flawless video and audio calls in HD quality with remote Viber users all over the world. If the person you calling has Viber on his smartphone or desktop machine, you don’t pay for the call at all. Everything that you should pay for is mobile 4G/3G/EDGE, but if it is included into your cell operator package, that shouldn’t bother you. In case you are connected to Wi-Fi, all your traffic is not monetized at all.
  • Interactive text chatting with animated GIFs, stickers and a great assortment of emojis for any taste and case. If you don’t know how to express your emotion, just install the needed sticker pack from the market and pick any from the newly acquired collection. Some of the sets are free, while the rest can be bought via in-app microtransaction.
  • Exchanging media, docs, archives and other file objects stored into any of the contemporary formats, from EXE and MSI to DMG and BAT.
  • Instant audio and video recordings which you can create and send with a mouse click or finger tap.
  • Chat extensions that severely enhance the actual modular structure of the messaging toolkit. With the suggested modules, you can share GIFs, YouTube clips, movie info, search for requested data in Wiki, etc. With the latest updates of the tool, more services are expected to be implemented.
  • A chance to delete previously sent messages that you weren’t supposed to send or delivered to the wrong person by mistake. You can delete them either on the client or the server or on both of them without a trace, even if the person you are communicating with has already read it.
  • Great scalability and compatibility with all up-to-date mobile and desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Win Phone. Due to such high versatility, you can switch between any of your devices in a blink of an eye.
  • Satiated social opportunities. You can participate in a wide range of social communities or groups dedicated to any particular area of interest. If you want to arrange your own marketing or promo initiative, just create a new group and collect the members. You can enable or disable the posting of the comments ability and arrange votings.
  • Solid protection of all your conversations. Due to end-to-end encryption, the privacy of your Viber chats is guaranteed and maintained by the stable in-app protocol based on 128-bit key. You can chat only with authenticated contacts, which you can trust to and are acquainted with personally. All the advertising and inadequate content can be blocked right from the interface of the messenger.

As a conclusion, Viber can be considered as a secure, stable app for contacting your friends all over the world that allows you to minimize financial wastes on multimedia traffic and chats. Download Viber app for MacBook or Mac, and the whole world of new opportunities will be revealed to you!

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