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Viber is not working: How to fix that

Data: 13-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Viber remains to be one of the most popular services for making free calls. You can easily call people with local numbers as well as your friends abroad for free. The application is usually downloaded and installed on any operating system in a matter of seconds, causing little to no Viber issues for most users. However, using the app can be sometimes challenging for beginners. Below you will find a handy manual on how to fix your program in case you face certain problems with its usage.

Viber connection issues

In case you cannot connect to Viber, follow this simple guide to make your app work.

Make sure you have a stable Internet connection. To check whether your Internet is working, just open your browser and enter any website. In case it fails to open, please refer to your Internet provider to solve connection problems.

In case you are using a desktop app, you will need to perform more advanced fixes. Below you will learn how to open ports on your Windows system for your messenger.

  1. Open your Control Panel and type “firewall” in the search field. Press enter and then choose Windows Defender Firewall.

  2. Click on Advanced Settings located in the left panel of the opened menu.

  3. Click on Inbound Rules.

  4. Create a new rule by pressing on New Rule button in your right panel.

  5. Choose the rule type: Port.

  6. Check TCP. In the Specific local ports field type: 5242, 4244, 5243, 7985, 80, and 443. Click Next to continue.

  7. Choose Allow the connection and press Next button.

  8. Make sure all the options are ticked in the next menu. Click Next.

  9. Leave the fields empty and press Finish.

  10. Follow the steps 1-5 of this manual. On the sixth step choose UDP and in Specific local ports type: 5242, 4244, 5243, 7985, 80, and 443. Follow all the steps as described above.

Restart your PC and check whether your Viber cannot connect to internet. In case you are connected to the Internet, it must be working now.

Viber not downloading/installing problems

First of all, make sure you have enough free memory on your device for installing new applications. If your memory is full, delete some apps or media to get more free space.

Second of all, you will need a stable Internet connection to start using the program. Use cellular network or Wi-Fi to connect to the World Wide Web.

If you still have problems, refer to this troubleshooting guide.

Update your operating system. Most users face certain issues with downloading and setting up the apps on their devices due to outdated operating systems. Restart your device. Miraculously, it often helps to solve dozens of problems on your gadget.

Here is a list of other problems and handy solutions on how to solve them.

  1. Your phone number is not accepted by the system.
    • Use only carrier-based phone numbers. The app doesn’t support using VoIP numbers.
    • Start typing your phone with a zero.
    • Make sure you’ve entered the correct number of digits.
  2. You can’t receive a confirmation code.
    • Make sure your mobile number is working (call or send SMS to your friend)
    • Switch between mobile network and Wi-Fi
    • If you are activating your app using a message, choose a call option instead (and vice versa).
  3. Wrong code. This is a common reason for Viber not installing issues.
    • Double-check you’ve entered the right digits.
    • Try to activate the app using a free call.
    • Note: your number of attempts to activate Viber is limited to 3. After you have used all of them, wait for 24 hours and try once again.

  4. Your QR code is not working.
    • Use another camera for scanning (for example, a selfie camera on your smartphone).
    • Try to use another QR scanner.
    • Request a secret identification key by tapping the “My camera is not working, what can I do?” option. Follow the instructions of the wizard.

Viber is out of service

What should you do in case Viber outage? How can you fix your messenger in case your app has been successfully working, when suddenly fails to perform its basic functions? You’ve tried dozens of different methods to bring it to life, but the tool still keeps crashing on different devices? It’s time to check Viber server status! Reviewing the network status is the easiest way to know whether the utility is having problems on its servers. To get this information, please refer to

The messenger fails to send or deliver your texts

In case you face an uncommon problem of Viber message not being sent, please check your Internet connection. You can also check for available update to make sure you are using the latest version of the tool. Update it in case any newer versions are get-at-able.

Another thing that might be helpful is reinstalling your messenger. Delete it from your device and then download and install it once again.

If your Viber messages are not being delivered, you might be blocked by a certain contact. Note: if anyone blocks you, you will not receive any notifications. To find out whether a certain contact blacklisted you, try to write this user from another Viber account.

Can’t import contacts on Viber

Another common Viber problem is failing to integrate with the phone book of your smartphone. However, it can be easily solved. Find out how to fix it on your iPhone (Android devices have similar menus).

  1. Open your Settings and choose Contacts.

  2. Tap Import SIM contacts.

  3. That’s all! Now you can start calling and chatting using an integrated phone book of the messenger.

    To avoid most Viber problems, please follow the instructions while installing and setting up the tool on your device.