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Viber for iPhone is an iOS version of the widely distributed messenger for Apple environment. Due to solid cross-platform support, you may download Viber for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, PC, macOS or Linux, and gain all of its advantages for free. In general, the utility provides a chance to make voice VoIP phone calls between any Viber users by transferring traffic through 4G/3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi network connection. The tool is really simple to use and learn, and hereby allows to considerably economize the financial wastes onto the remote and international calls.

Unique Viber for iPhone peculiarities and tweaks

Viber is great at bringing new abilities and options, among which are:

  • the chance to arrange video and audio calls with other application users for free. If you need to dial a landline number or a phone without Viber installed, Japanese multinational company Rakuten, the developer of the project, offers a bonus feature called Skype Out. Via this one, you may dial any phone in any country, but it requires miscellaneous micro-payments
  • an ability to handle with text chats, saturated with interactive emoticons, GIF-animations and stickers. You may attach to your messages and send stickers right from the chat form in Viber. You can download some of the sticker sets for free from the market, while others are monetized. GIF-animations are embedded via a third-party GIPHY component plugin (the search is also available up there)
  • integration with external modules, such as YouTube, GAMEE, Gfycat, TuneMoji, Guggy, Vice, Vlipsy and others. All of these services severely extend the existing functional part of the Viber app: for instance, you can rent a room in the hotel, play built-in mini games, share videos, animations, coubs, make stacks on any sport match, etc.
  • the way to exchange and share any types of files: txt, docx, media, distributive packages, executives, archives, and so on
  • the chance to use drawing board, typical of any iPhone or iPad program. You may draw lines of any thickness, text and embed picturesque images into your drawing. The assortment of the tools is not too high, but as a minimum that is sufficient
  • secure encryption of all the content, uploaded and delivered via the messenger. The protocol is based on 128-bit end-to-end encryption key, that prevents leaking of your private info to hackers or hijackers
  • an opportunity to record voice and video notes by using camera and microphone correspondingly. This particular option has become a must-have for all contemporary messengers, so Viber doesn’t stand aside
  • you may delete any of the sent message right from the chat form, regardless whether they have already been read or not. Thus, you may not worry, that you’ve sent a message to wrong person
  • subscription to suggested groups, dedicated to any area of business or hobbies. The groups are organized according to your geographical location or country of residence. If you don’t want to participate in the community, you may promote your own trend by creating a new channel right from the Channels feed
  • constant release of updates to the project. You may setup the tool to be upgraded to the latest version automatically or manually, depending on the settings of your environment. In order to do this, refer to General branch of the Settings menu.

The popularity of the software initiative has reached an incredible scale: on the status of 2017, about 900 millions of registered users are using the package regularly. In order to try applying this convenient and stylish utility for yourself, download Viber for iPad or iPhone - it won’t take much time, and the result will overfill your expectations.

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Viber for iOS Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download from official web-site
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