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How to delete Viber call history

Data: 04-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Being an instant messenger with the VoIP service support, Viber is also widely used as the substitution for the traditional phone communication. First, it provides free audio and video communication in real time between its users. Second, it allows calling usual mobile and landline numbers from the application at lower rates than those offered by the phone providers. One small application installed on a smartphone, tablet or a computer can become a fully functional phone.

And this means that you might need to manage your contacts, text chats and calls records in the same way as you would do with your mobile phone. For example, you might need to erase the information about calls you made and received in your Viber to clear the smartphone's memory (all Viber data are saved locally on your device) or for some other reason.

There are two options: you can remove those activity records for each item separately or for all of them at once.

Note that the data you will need to erase are saved in two locations in the application, in the Chats section and in the Calls section. And if you need to get rid of all details completely, you should do it in both those areas.

Below we'll describe how to clear Viber call history on Android devices and iPhones.

Clearing call history on Android devices

First of all, go to Calls, here you can see your contacts and records about your recently made and received phone and video calls. To erase a separate entry, just tap it and hold. The necessary option will be shown right away.

To remove other items, tap View All, and you will be transferred to the section with more detailed data.

Here you can choose the entries for deleting. Tap and hold the necessary ones, you can choose multiple instances. Then tap the trash bin icon.

However, after you've deleted call history in this section of Viber, these data are still saved in the Chats section in the text conversation with that contact if you used the VoIP service provided by this product to communicate.

That's why, to remove all data which are present in the app in regards to this or that call, you need to open the saved chat with that contact. You'll see the necessary details among the text messages and files.

To delete a call, tap and hold it, and the necessary option will be shown. Note that this works with separate calls only, you can't erase them all at once.

Deleting call history on iPhone

Here you also need to remove records in both Chats and Calls sections of the Viber app.

Here's how to delete Viber call history on iOS devices for both separate records and full history.

Go to Calls, then View All (you can't delete the call entry in the first window on iPhone). Tap Edit at the top-right corner of the application window.

To delete one separate record, tap the “–” sign preceding it, and the red cross icon will appear. You will need to click on it, and the item will be removed.

Also, you can delete the full list. For this, tap Clear at the top-left corner, and Viber will ask you to confirm if you really want to delete all your history. Accept this.

Then you need to remove history records in Chats. This task is performed in the same way as on Android devices: open the necessary chat with that contact, find the record, tap it and hold to get the Delete option.

Note that with calls, you receive an option to delete history on your side only. For text chats, you can delete messages you sent everywhere, on both yours and your counterpart's devices. As for both calls between Viber own accounts and Viber Out, you can erase their history only on your devices.