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How to install Viber on MacOS

Data: 04-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Installing software on macOS is a bit different from the approach you apply for Windows PC or Linux systems. Viber has not become an exception in any case. There are some minor distinctions which are definitely worth to be mentioned. In this guide, we will describe how to download Viber on Mac or MacBook and make all the relevant configuration steps in order to make it work correctly on your Apple device.

Preconditions for Viber installation on Mac

Before you actually install the utility on your Mac, you need to set it up on any of the mobile platforms and activate your mobile number. You need to know that without mobile number you won’t be able to install the messenger on any operating system, either mobile or desktop. During the app installation on macOS, the desktop version of the program just connects and syncs with the mobile messenger version, which you need to install on Android, iOS or Win Phone formerly. However, there are some special methods, which you can use while installing Viber on PC even without smartphone. In order to get a detailed info about them, refer to “How to install Viber on PC without smartphone” FAQ section.

How to download and install Viber on Mac?

The installing procedure is the same as of any other software tools: first you access the App Store market, then you get the package from the corresponding store page, and afterwards install it onto your desktop device. Here is a detailed instruction on that matter:

  • Download the DMG-package from the Mac version of the messenger FAQ page.
  • When the setup file is downloaded, run it with a double click on the new file.
  • After a few seconds, the following info window is displayed.

Proceed with the instructions provided and copy the essential program icon to the Applications folder.

Note: Viber application file is located in Devices section of the Finder. Just drag it into “Applications” folder and drop it there.

  • When the app file is copied, you start the configuration phase. After a few seconds, you will see the following form. Click the Open button on it.

  • Now the time comes for the main phase. This time confirm that you have Viber installed on your mobile device.

  • On the next step, type in the phone number you want your Viber app to be attached to and synced with. Also, make a selection from the country codes list. Remember that you should specify the valid phone number registered in your cell operator package. When all the info is provided, click Continue.

  • Now you are ought to attach the desktop Viber instance to the mobile app. This procedure is implemented via scanning the QR code by your mobile gadget. If you specified correct number on the previous step, now the embedded QR-code scanner should run on your smartphone automatically. Take the device in hands and point to QR-code displayed.

  • If the operation was successful, you will see the suggestion to sync all your messages with mobile app version. Approve this action by clicking the Sync button. This step is optional, so if you don’t want to sync, just close this window.

  • Next window offers you to apply the sync routine. Now the same window should pop up on your mobile device, so confirm this action by tapping Sync on your mobile gadget screen.

  • At last, the installation process is accomplished. We have completed all the required steps and now are ready to use the app on the desktop machine.

This guide will assist you to learn how to install Viber on Mac and you won’t tackle with any difficulties or obstacles during your progress. From time to time, Rakuten company announces UI updates, so the visuals represented in this FAQ guide can differ a bit.