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How to change the Viber chat background

Data: 13-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Viber is a popular messaging platform that is widely used by millions of people globally. It is a free, simple, fast and convenient tool for communication without any limitations. Along with basic functions and options, the app also offers advanced utilities for those who would like to customize their favorite messenger. Changing Viber background is one of the most demanding functions among users. Below you will find the detailed user guide on how to change your program’s wallpaper and amaze your friends with using cool and colorful application.

The first thing you need to know before you start reading the guide is that Viber allows changing its background for certain groups/chats as well as the whole app’s interface.

How to change wallpaper for desktop Viber

  1. Open your application and click on three dots icon.

  2. Choose the Settings option in the opened window.

  3. Click on Account to enter the menu where you will be able to change Viber wallpaper.

  4. Click on Set default background.

  5. Choose from the list of themes an option that you like most.

  6. Close all the windows by clicking on the cross in the upper-left corner and enjoy new app design!

Changing wallpaper for desktop Viber group or chat

  1. Open the program and click on Chats.

  2. Click on the contact or group where you would like to change your wallpaper.

  3. Scroll down the menu located to the right and click on Background image.

  4. Choose the desired color scheme and make your conversation brighter.

Changing background for mobile Viber group or chat

Customizing application’s style for smartphones and tablets is absolutely the same. To change the overall app design, tap More – Settings – Change default background.

If you would like to adjust the wallpaper for a certain group or contact, simply tap it. Then choose its name and tap Chat info & Settings.

Tap Chat background and settings.

When you click on the button, you will see that you have even more options for customizing your app!

Feel free to choose any image from your gallery or use camera to take a new picture for your wallpaper. Make your app look unique and exceptional!

As a conclusion, Viber is surely one of the most handy and flexible messengers. If you are fond of online communication, chances are that it will become your favorite tool. Discover all the utility’s features easily!