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Viber for Android is a mobile version of incredibly popular VoIP and instant messaging service for Google operating system, i.e. smartphones and tablets, designed on its base. If you are often chatting with friends and make free calls when you are away from home, office or on the travel abroad, download Viber for Android, iOS or Windows Phone and forget about paying for remote or international calls from mobile phone forever.

Instant glance on Viber features

Let’s have a brief look at the app’s opportunities and options that make it diverse among the competitive similar-purposed projects:

  1. Free audio and video calls in HD resolution to another application users, regardless whether they downloaded and installed messenger on Android or any other computer or mobile environment. While you are talking to someone, you pay only for mobile 4G/3G/EDGE or WiFi traffic spared during the talk. If you want to call a friend on their landline phone or a cell without messenger installed, you are eligible to apply specific Viber Out service, which is designated precisely for that particular mission.
  2. Interactive text chats with wide diversity of emojis and GIF-animations. While the message is being typed on the telephone or PC, you can embed external media objects, such as GIFs, audios, Youtube-videos and others. Moreover, you can even book a room in a hotel, stake on any sport event, play built-in mini-games and do other amazing things. Such an option is possible due to integration of third-party plugins into your Viber instance — you don’t need to set up or load any software, just choose a module.
  3. The stable, efficient and fluent way to exchange docs, media and files right from the graphical UI of the utility.
  4. Adaptive design, which allows the app to scale up to optimal size during computer or tablet usage.
  5. Protected communication and authentication of contacts. Currently all the objects which you are dealing with in Viber, including contacts and groups, are secured with end-to-end encryption.
  6. The chance to record quick-sending video and voice notes via microphone and camera.
  7. An opportunity to delete the messages which have been just sent, still not read and even already seen from the chatting form.
  8. An ultimate way to participate in multitude of social communities that unite like-minded people into a common group. In Viber you can find communities in any area: soccer, ballet, books, networking, cooking or science. Also you can take part in voting questionnaires, or create your own groups following your hobbies or fields of interest.
  9. Cross-platform support of the project between any environments. According to this, you can conveniently switch between smartphone, tablet or PC any moment without losing the conversational thread.
  10. High-quality localization of the product. Currently the initiative supports about 20 worldwide languages, and their number is still growing.
  11. Constant updates of the latest versions. This concerns all the project branches, from Windows Phone to Linux, as far as all the changes to the source code of the actual build are committed in parallel and simultaneous way. You don’t need to get and install any upgrades — by default, the last version of Viber package is downloaded and installed automatically. However, you can specify in the settings that the installation of Viber is performed only manually.

Viber's fan base is increasing from day to day. By the end of 2017, the quantity of its users was 900 millions in total. If you want to join and participate in this incredible trend, download Viber for mobile phone: it will sustainably save your money for phone talks and chats.

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