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How to send photos and videos on Viber

Data: 13-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Viber is a universal messenger with all the necessary functions of calling and chatting available at hand. The tool also offers its users countless additional features, including using GIFs and smiles, sharing contacts and locations as well as sending media files to your friends and loved ones. Below you will find a handy manual for beginners on how to send photos on Viber in a couple of clicks. Find out two different user guides for messenger’s mobile and desktop users. Send your video and pictures in a matter of moments!

How to send media files using desktop Viber?

  1. Open your Viber and click on the needed contact.

  2. In the right panel of your messenger, you will see a dialogue window with a chosen contact. Pay attention to the panel at the bottom of the opened window. Then click on the + icon.

  3. A new dialog pop up window will appear on the screen of your PC or laptop. Here you will need to find the photo, picture or video you would like to share. Click the required file and choose Open button.

  4. After that, you will see the file you have shared in your dialogue panel.

Note: if you sent a photo by mistake or just want to share another media file, you can easily delete the previous one. Just right click on the file you’ve sent and choose Delete for me and (name of your contact). This way, your media file will be deleted on both sides (you and your recipient).

After you successfully deleted your media file, you will see a special notification in the dialogue panel.

How to send pictures, photos and video using Viber for mobile?

The process of sharing media files using your smartphone or tablet is even easier. Follow these easy steps to share your favorite pictures using the top-rated messenger.

  1. Open Viber and choose a person or group for sharing files.

  2. Click on the image icon to send your media file.

  3. You will see all the images from your phone gallery at the bottom of your screen. Tap the needed picture or video (you can send several files simultaneously) and choose an arrow button.

  4. After that, you will be able to view your file in the chatting panel.

  5. You can also make a photo or video using your camera and send it immediately to your contacts. For these purposes, tap the Camera icon.

  6. Take a picture or record video. Use a round circle icon for switching on your front camera for making selfie if need. Follow the instructions above to share your image or video files.

How to send video on Viber? Is it possible to share files with your friends using the popular messenger? Now you definitely know the right answers to these questions and can easily use the tool’s media functions!