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Viber for desktop on Windows is a full version of incredibly popular, feature-extended software messenger for PC platform. In a tech world, Viber is acknowledged as a stylish, efficient application for organizing free VoIP telephone calls through EDGE/3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection. While you are dialing to your buddy or relative abroad, who has Viber installed on his mobile device, you don’t pay for the call at all. The only condition is that the Viber tool should be installed on remote or desktop gadget (smart, tablet or computer) of your subscriber. Also take into account, that you may download Viber desktop for Windows only if you installed the mobile applet on your portable device formerly. Without mobile version PC-build won’t operate (in fact, there are some lifehacks to circumvent this restriction, but they are a bit tricky and require auxiliary efforts).

Extended review of Viber options and functions

The Viber app is satiated with peculiar features, that transform the package into a universal solution for communication and socializing. Let’s highlight the most notable of them:

  • free audio and video calls to any app owners from desktop Viber package for Windows after downloading mobile applet prior to using laptop or computer
  • video and audio notes, recorded via embedded or external microphone and camera. You may instantly send the media messages, being recorded, with a single mouse click
  • interactive text chatting with animated stickers, GIFs and emoji. The sticker market is available for user’s service, where you may get some of the package sets for free, and others - for miscellaneous in-app payments. GIFs and coubs are embedded into the chat via built-in GIPHY module
  • chat extensions - third-party components or plugins, that severely enhance the existing featured aspect. You can search for YouTube clips and immediately share them, make predictions on football and basketball matches, rent apartments and room hotels without leaving the primary Viber GUI form
  • the ultimate chance to participate in social communities and groups, which are categorized and structured according to your hobbies or areas of interest. If you want to arrange a personal marketing or promotion campaign, you are willing to create a new group and invite some of your mates to join
  • full protection of all app contents with reliable 128-bit protocol and secured encryption. If you still hesitate and worry, that your conversation will leak to state authorities or private companies, pay some attention to Telegram messaging service. It will entirely fulfill your expectations regarding safety without preliminary setup and customization
  • the way to delete previously sent messages in chat form, even after they were read by the person you are talking to. Moreover, there won’t be any traces left on the server and client side, that formerly there was typed something at all
  • cross-platform compliance with all actual platforms and operating systems, from exotic Linux to spicy Win Phone and trendy iOS
  • frequent updates of latest utility versions, released several times a half-year or even more often. New builds are committed simultaneously on all the supported platforms.

After you freely download Viber app for PC, you need to make some setting-up with scanning the QR-code in order to link your desktop instance to mobile applet version. That doesn’t take much efforts, and after a few secs you obtain ad-free, easy-to-use product without functional restrictions and limitations. After you use it for a month, you admit, that the juice is worth the squeeze.

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