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How to save pictures from Viber

Data: 18-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Viber has become one of the most popular instant messengers in the world, and people gladly use it for exchanging different files — photos, audio and videos. These files are sent quickly, and the developers claim that this process is absolutely secured: all the data, both texts and files attachments, are encrypted before uploading to the dedicated servers and decrypted only on the recipient's device. Besides, they do not save the sent messages on the servers, they assure that all the data is deleted immediately after the delivery. Any text message or an image sent via this application exists both on the sender's and on the recipient's devices.

On one hand, it is safe and guarantees personal data protection. On another hand, there might be difficulties in case you delete these photos or videos and then would like to get them back. It might be useful to save such attachments separately, as the developers won't be able to help you to restore these data — they don't have them either.

You can learn how to save photos from Viber further. It is easy, as the application itself did almost everything for you already.

Default settings for downloading images in mobile and desktop apps

First of all, current application versions for both mobile devices and PC or laptops can save images automatically when they have proper Internet connection. You can check this by yourself and either enable the option or disable it if needed.

On Android devices, open the app and tap the More icon at the bottom-right corner to get to the main menu. Choose Settings, then Media.

The option to auto-download media files when the device is connected to Wi-Fi is enabled by default.

On iPhones or iPads the path will be the same.

Desktop application does not have such settings, as it is supposed to have good cable or Wi-Fi Internet connection by default.

Standard locations on mobile and desktop devices for saving Viber photos

When you install the application on your Android smartphone, tablet or a desktop/laptop, it will create a separate folder to download Viber images there and keep them in the memory of that device.

On Android it will be folder named "Viber Images" in "My files" – "Images".

If you receive video files via this service, too, the app will save them separately in "My files" – "Videos".

On the Windows-based desktop computer, the application will transfer both your images and videos to the "Viber Downloads" folder in the "Documents" system directory.

iOS mobile devices have a little bit different mode. First of all, they don't save Viber photos automatically, this is set in order to prevent memory “clutter” in case you receive too many images, which might not be needed at all. You need to enable the option to save pictures automatically by yourself.

Again, go to the Media section of the Settings menu and turn the Save to Gallery option on.

Besides, you should additionally allow this service to have access to photos and save them, otherwise the app will not be able to do that even when you enable the Save to Gallery option. Check this in Settings: go to Privacy, then Photos, and make sure that access is allowed.

After that, your iPhone will download Viber images and keep them in the Camera roll.

Saving separate photos from Viber manually in the chat window

If you need to save photos from Viber separately in a different location, you can do this in the following way:

On your Android device, go to the chat window in the application where you see the images you would like to save and tap the one you need, or tap and hold a little bit to open the menu. In the menu, choose View to open the image.

Tap the Share icon for the available options. You can upload the image to the Google Drive or OneDrive to save it in the cloud, or send it by email or via another instant messenger.

For iPhones the path is similar, just use the iOS Share icon.

In the desktop application for Windows, just right-click on the necessary picture and choose Save As:

Go to the location where you would like to keep that image and save it there.

Synchronization issues for folders and apps

We’ve learned how to save photos from Viber with different OS types.

After the Viber app transfers its downloaded media files to the local folders, the photos will also be present in the application itself. Here we'll check what happens if any image is deleted in this or that location.

On Android, you can delete photos in the application — they will be safe in the “Viber Images” folder. However, if you delete any picture in the local folder, it will be shown as preview in the app, but you won't be able to view it full-size or re-download it.

On a PC or laptop, Viber photos will be saved in the local folder if you delete them in the app. As for the vice versa situation, you can delete photos on your PC, but this won't erase them in the application. Moreover, when you click on any image in the desktop app to view it, that picture will be transferred to the local folder again.

Pay attention to these factors when you decide to erase some of the media files which you now keep on your devices.

In case you deleted an important image by mistake on your primary smartphone, try checking for it in the folders created on secondary tablets or computers, it can be there.

The application does the most part of the job of saving photos itself, but it might be worth checking the favorite and cherished images by yourself. It is better to download Viber images and keep them somewhere separately. This will be the best way to protect such valuable items from any troubles like accidental deleting.