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Viber's “Online” and “Last seen” Statuses

Data: 13-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Viber is a VoIP utility that allows users to perform free voice and video calls worldwide, share messages, contacts as well as send multimedia attachments. Along with Skype (перелинковка на страницу загрузки Skype) and WhatsApp (перелинковка на страницу загрузки WhatsApp), Viber remains to be one of the key players on the market of messengers and online communication.

The application uses mobile number for identifying the network and also allows to make calls to non-Viber users, including mobile and landline numbers for reasonable costs. The rates are really cheap, making the service exceptionally popular among millions of users globally. The tool has a universal and flexible design and can be used for most popular types of operating systems.

Among the app’s benefits are unlimited calls to other Viber users, no need to register using email or username, the enormous base of users and an extended customization option. Among the other valued app’s functions is online status in Viber.

What does online feature in Viber mean

The application always runs in the background of your smartphone when your have an Internet connection to allow you to receive calls and messages. Your status will be updated to online only in case you are currently using the app.

The app also provides information about the time of your activity. For example: If you used the app very recently, your contacts will see that you were Last seen x minutes ago.

How to know someone’s status? That’s easy! Open the chat with a needed contact and check this indicator right under the username.

It’s important to know that your online presence can be easily hidden. This way, your contacts will not be able to see your Last seen status. However, you will not see their online presence, too.

How to hide your Viber status on iPhone?

  1. Open your messenger and tap More – Settings.

  2. Then choose Privacy.

  3. To hide your online presence, swipe left the Share “Online” Status toggler. Note: it can be changed only once per 24 hours.

  4. If you would like to hide the Last seen feature, swipe left the Send “Seen” Status toggler.

Changing these functions on your smartphone will also change it on any linked desktop versions, including computers or tablets.