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Viber VS WhatsApp

Data: 21-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Viber and WhatsApp are currently hitting the top of the most popular messengers worldwide. Both applications have dozens of useful functions and options, a convenient interface and highest quality service. Furthermore, both tools have a whopping number of users. That is why many beginners often hesitate which app to choose. Viber vs WhatsApp: which one is better? Which one is easier to use and cheaper? Find out a detailed comparison of two famous messengers right here.

The benefits of both WhatsApp and Viber

  • They are free to use
  • Desktop version available
  • Are optimized for tablets
  • Have an ability to send audio voice clips
  • Both support different languages
  • Allow sharing files
  • Have a high rating on Google Play and App Store
  • Automatically integrate with the smartphone’s phone book
  • Have “message seen” option: find out when your message has been read
  • Have a “share location” feature
  • Have an ability to synchronize with cloud storages: easy access to the needed data using various devices
  • Image preview: you can see a small preview of the picture you’ve sent or received
  • Search option embedded.

Now let’s compare pros and cons of these different messengers to check the true leader on the market.

WhatsApp’s advantages

  1. An ability to send different types of documents. While WhatsApp allows only sharing images, photos, locations and contacts, the tool attracts more users by an extended option of file transfer.
  2. Easier interface. Since Viber has more functions that might not be useful for some users, its interface is a little bit more complicated.
  3. End-to-end encryption. Being the highest security standard, end-to-end encryption is used for all chats and calls of every app’s user. If you are keen on safety, WhatsApp is the right thing for you.
  4. A number of users. The utility has a higher number of users than its main competitor. Therefore, you are likely to communicate for free with more people.

Viber’s benefits

  1. List of favorite contacts. The app allows having quick access to your close friends and loved ones in a few taps. Just add them to favorites to save your time.
  2. Ability to contact any person who uses the tool with no limitations.
  3. Allows sending temporary text messages. You can send a message which will be automatically deleted after a short time without being saved on your contact’s phone.
  4. Ads-free. The program doesn’t distract its users with annoying ads and banners. Therefore, it offers a better user experience.
  5. Media library. All the files you’ve received are collected into convenient libraries.
  6. Price. Viber offers more reasonable pricing policy when it comes to paid services, like calling to mobile or landline numbers.
  7. Entertaining. The tool offers hundreds of different games and public accounts to follow.

WhatsApp’s and Viber’s drawbacks

Any software surely has some drawbacks or inconveniences. So do messengers.

What about WhatsApp? According to the user’s feedback, its most serious disadvantage is that it can’t be used on several devices simultaneously. For example, users are not allowed to use the app on smartphone and tablet at the same time. The program also shares metadata with Facebook that might be undesirable for some people.

Viber also has a number of cons. First, it has no web client to use the program online. Second, it has a low-quality synchronization between mobile and desktop clients.

As a conclusion, both apps are great enough for online communication. Chose any according to your preferences and individually valued features.