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Viber for Windows Phone is a messaging applet for Microsoft mobile operating system, which is designed for smarts and tablets with Windows 10 Mobile or previous OS editions on board. What concerns Viber service itself, that is a VoIP messenger, that allows to make free video and audio calls between other mobile or desktop users, who have installed Viber on their device. While making a call, you don’t pay for the connection with remote subscriber. Everything, that you pay for - is an EDGE/3G/4G or WiFi traffic, which is spared during the verbal or visual conversation, so take into account your cell operator rates and mobile traffic, available to be used. If you are accustomed to Windows Mobile logic and previously installed some apps onto the system, it won’t take much time to download Viber for Windows Mobile, as long as it has low entering threshold.

Distinguishing Viber peculiarities and features

Viber for Windows Phone is considered as a top-notch messaging solution for making international and local calls. Here’s why it is evaluated in that manner:

  • an app for remote communication between buddies and other persons. The user may connect via HD resolution video or audio channel without any excessive efforts. If you would like to save your mobile traffic for YouTube or Google Play Music, for instance, you may talk to your friend via simple text chat. While chatting, you may apply animated stickers or emoji. Most of this content is available for free, while for some sticker sets you need to pay auxiliary fee in the Sticker Market to download the whole package
  • full-scope protection of all your conversations with end-to-end encryption and 128-bit key protocol. Hereby, we can assure, that your private content won’t leak to hackers or hijackers
  • the chance to record video and audio notes in Viber with camera and microphone. You may use internal devices, built-in onto the laptop, or apply external hardware after connecting them via USB-port
  • a stable and efficient method to delete any messages, sent to the receiver by mistake. For instance, you’ve sent a note to the incorrect subscriber, what then? No panic, just delete the message afterwards. You can do it any moment, even if the receiver has already read the message. Conclusively, there won’t be any traces left on the server or client side
  • the ultimate way to join and participate in multiple communities and social groups. If you are a fan of Formula-1 or some specific music style, you would definitely find a community, dedicated to your area of interest. All the groups are categorized and suggested according to your native language and country of residence, so lingual factor is also considered. If you wish to initiate and arrange your own promo campaign, you are absolutely eligible to do that right from the Groups form. If you are going to promote a web-site or a product, your group will become business-oriented. If you want to start something personal, your new group will be more similar to a blog
  • cross-platform compliance with all contemporary platforms and operating environments. You may talk to a person, which have Viber installed on any gadget or system (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android) at his property
  • high-quality localization of the software product. Currently the Viber project is translated on above 20 worldwide languages, including French, Spanish, German and Russian, more supported dialects are still to come. You can download any of the localized versions directly from Windows Store
  • frequent releases of new applet versions. After you update Viber to the latest version, all your chats, contacts and settings will stay the same to maintain the consistency with previous build.

After you download Viber for Windows Phone, you will definitely admit the advantages and possibilities of Microsoft phone version, no doubts.

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