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How to get Viber stickers for free

Data: 04-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Viber is a popular solution for calling and messaging using the Internet connection. It is free to use, easy and amazingly customizable. Furthermore, it also includes dozens of additional functions, such as sending files and using GIFs, emoticons, and stickers. Some of them are available for no charges, while the others might require reasonable payments. If you would like to get Viber stickers for free, this article will help you download tons of them easily and quickly.

How to get emoticons in Viber's mobile version for free

  1. Open your app and click More at the bottom of your screen. Choose the Sticker Market.

  2. If you need emoticons that are available for free, tap Free button and then choose the pack you would like to take a look at.

  3. Press Download button to save the pack to your app.

  4. To add an emoticon to your conversation, go to Chats and choose the contact you would like to communicate with. Then tap the smile icon and choose a picture to send it.

Adding new Viber stickers to your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone is surely easy. The download process lasts no longer than just a few seconds, so you can add dozens of new emoticons to your program in no time.

How to get emoticons in Viber's desktop version

Both static and animated emoticons are available for the desktop version of your favorite messenger.

  1. Open your program and choose any conversation where you would like to use emoticons.
  2. Click on GIF icon.

  3. Click on Stickers.

  4. Choose any from the list option. Click it to add to your chat.

Most popular sticker packs for Viber

  1. Violet Forever. Violet has been one of the main app faces for years. Stickers are available for free and will fit perfectly almost any conversation.
  2. LegCats Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day and express your feelings to the loved ones using bright and colorful images.
  3. Women’s Day The hottest topic for girls and ladies who are pretty, smart and courageous.
  4. Share a song Unleash your inner rockstar and dive into the world of music with Viber.
  5. Just The 2 Of Us This pack is for those who value their relationships and want to spice it up with unforgettable emoticons.