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BBM for Android is a profound mobile instant messenger for Android-based gadgets’ owners with all the best ideas combined and implemented by Canadian BlackBerry Ltd. developer. BlackBerry Messenger (or shortly, BBM) is compliant with all contemporary mobile platforms, such as iOS, Windows Mobile and Android and perfectly operates on smartphones and tablets of any trademark. The latest versions for Android branch are released weekly, so you can download new BBM for Android anytime you want right from Google Play market or update the existing one.

Features and options of BBM for Android

BBM is peculiar due to innovative solutions and features designed in scope of the project. Here is their brief review:

  • Free audio and video calls in HD resolution.
  • One-on-one or group conversations with multiple participants of the dialogue. Moreover, you are also afforded a way to take part in Private chat with enhanced protection and security to keep safe from being overheard or making screenshots.
  • You can embed thousands of stickers right to your messages or create your own personalized one with BBMoji integrated module.
  • Exchanging all types of documents, sending voice notes and sharing videos and images in HD quality.
  • Broadcasting custom messages or statuses to a selected few of your contacts or to the whole audience to let others know about your mood or what you’re up to. After the status is changed, you will receive notifications with reactions of your friends immediately after posting the update.
  • Customization of your chat background to your preferred color or image.
  • Easy chance to find your social circles on BBM network via your phone number.
  • An opportunity to access the app from the desktop PC or laptop via distinct web service.
  • High range of social activities that include hundreds of free interactive games, subscription to official channels of most worldwide brands and trademarks, receiving their posts onto your Feed, watching on-demand and live video with DiscoverTV service, calling and sharing Uber, getting to know about the scores and matches of your favorite football league, etc.
  • Ultimate BBM PIN system, that affords a way to keep your phone number private for other messenger users. More than that, you can customize your PIN up to 32 characters length for maximum safety.
  • Timer for self-destruction of messages and photos to make it disappear after a specified period of time within the application.
  • Retract feature to take back the messages you weren’t supposed to send.
  • Sharing your live GPS-location on a map and letting your contact know where you are and follow your relocation and movement in a real time mode.
  • Comment, share and like to interact with your BBM contacts.
  • Set your own personalized avatar in BBM using GIF-animations, high-quality pictures or images.
  • A chance to enter your timeline to view a history of all your statuses and videos/images posted.
  • Instant notification whether your message has been delivered or read right within the chatting window.

BlackBerry Messenger is a great software to apply and install, and a must-have solution for any types of users, from middle-class entrepreneurs to students, people who want to enrich their social life and follow the latest trends in industry and services area. If you want to have a closer look at BBM, download its version for Android for free and check out all the new upgrades and enhancements yourself. For detailed info regarding the usage of the product on Google platform, refer to “How to use BBM on Android” guide.

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